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Submitting guest posts has become a new trend now. If you want to boost your SEO with the right digital marketing strategy, Guest blogging can be the best option.

What is Guest Blogging?

It is also known as guest posting. When you submit a blog to other websites to generate traffic, it is known as guest blogging.

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    Why Submit a Guest Post to

    If you want information on any topic, covers it all. We offer the best practice for your writing skills.

    You can find content related to the topics:

    • Digital Marketing
    • Fashion
    • Tourism
    • Festivals
    • Health
    • Real estate, etc

    We are a premium blogging platform that accepts guest posts too. You can submit a blog for real estate blog write for us category and boost your SEO. We invest a lot of time in finding the right target audience, and with a team of digital marketing experts, we make our way up. We get most of our traffic from the UK, US, Australia, and India.

    Guidelines For Real Estate Blog Write for Us Category


    What can you submit?

    We accept blogs, articles, product reviews, and press-releases.


    Quality of content we accept

    • The word count should be at least 500
    • It should be 100% unique
    • The content should be SEO optimized
    • No grammatical errors would be accepted
    • The content should not be a duplicate
    • It should be plagiarism free
    • The content should be informative and not promotional

    Topics you can write a guest post on!

    • Property management
    • Real estate agents
    • Investing
    • Life as a realtor
    • Buying houses
    • Selling houses
    • Interior design
    • Real estate marketing
    • Residential homes
    • Commercial real estate
    • Real estate tech
    • Financing properties
    • Construction

    Other important things

    Once your content gets published on our website, you cannot send it to any other website. If we find out, we can delete your post immediately. We offer two to three dofollow backlinks. You can send one copyright-free featured image or we will upload one for you.

    Note: We can edit or remove anything from the content as the rights are with us.


    Process of Guest Posting on

    • Before writing the guest post for us, make sure that you read out all the guidelines
    • Send an email at (ask your queries and inform us about the topic and related things)
    • We would revert within some time
    • Send us your written draft
    • We will go through it, and if the formatting is right, it will be published within 24 hours.
    • We will send you the live link through email.

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    In the end

    While submitting a blog to us, ensure you follow every guideline properly. Also, you can choose your topics, but these are the most searched ones. The traffic generation on your website depends on the quality of content you share, so make sure it is the best.