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Content Writer Interview

The job of the content writer is to visualize a product, service, or relatable thing and frame it in the form of content that showcases the ideology behind that product or service correctly. Content writers sometimes act as the main phase of the meetups in any organization.

Content writer’s responsibilities are to research and analyze the topics for SEO, Follow brand guidelines while writing the content plagiarism-free and with no errors.

With these responsibilities, some qualities that content writers should possess are Time management, good communication skills, Research, Adaptive nature, Proper knowledge about social media and search engines. Below are some of the Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers for freshers for a better understanding of this profession

Let’s Read the Best Content Writer Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

1. What are the types of content writing?


  • Content for Website
  • Copywriting
  • Content for Digital marketing
  • Blog content
  • Content-based on Branding
  • Content for Technical articles, blogs, posts, etc.

2. How to decide the topic on which the content is to be written?

Answer: The topic can be according to the need as well as the interest of the reader or customers. Also, there are tools available for free like Google trends in which we can find the topics.

3. What are the basics of content strategies?

Answer: The strategy includes thinking of an engaging topic, collecting and remaking new ideas, Making an overview about your idea, Following proper required techniques according to which content is to be maintained.

4. How are articles and blogs differentiated?

Answer: Articles are formal; they provide information or news whereas blogs are informal and personal.

5. What are the ways to use keywords in the content?

Answer: Use keywords naturally and do not forcefully induce them.

  • Use keywords in the first 200 words and the last 200 words.
  • Insert keywords in SEO title Tag
  • Use keywords in the meta description

6. What are the key points you keep in mind while thinking of any write-up?


  • Properly research the topic.
  • Make your ideas.
  • Think of ideas in and out so that there is proper flow in the write-up.
  • You should be answerable for every line you wrote in the text.

7. Do you think speaking is necessary for the content writing profession?

Answer:  Writing and speaking work hand in hand, sometimes before writing you need to explain the ideas orally to the officials because before writing any content one needs to visualize and should have a proper explanation to every point.

8. Why is targeting customers important?

Answer: Targeting your audience is important to get precise results. So, that you work only on that audience that is interested in your products or services.

9. What is Needful for good content?


  • Use of content
  • engagement on content
  • The originality of the text

10. How do you prioritize SEO in the content?

Answer: SEO maintaining factors:

  • Maintaining Keyword density
  • Proper Meta Tags
  • Proper Body Tags
  • Defined URL Structure
  • Internal/External linking to increase Engagement

11. How do writers plan their content?

Answer: Planning not only includes how to write and what to write in the content, but It also includes the output that was expected to be coming or not.

12. What are the Copy and content differences?

Answer: Content is referred to as an article that is published unbiased i.e. not for promotional purposes. whereas a copy is made or published for promotion purposes.

13. How do you proofread your content?


  • Read your content loudly
  • Check your content on a hard copy.
  • Check the structure of your paragraph
  • Use spell-check
  • check plagiarism

14. What are the different types of writing?


  • Narrative style writing
  • Persuasive style writing
  • Descriptive style writing
  • Expository style writing

15. Give some Genres?


  • Newspapers
  • Fiction
  • Mysterious
  • Thrilling
  • Detective
  • Western

16. Which format of writing do you prefer?

Answer: Every writer has their preferences according to interest and thinking about that particular topic.  The write-up should have a creative and trending approach.

17. What are the enjoyable things about content writing?

Answer:  Content writing is the most enjoyable field because you can include every idea and personal experience into the write-ups.

18. What should be the strengths of a content writer?


  • Adaptability.
  • Research.
  • Originality.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Time management.
  • Communication.
  • Editing.
  • Knowledge of social media.

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Content Writer Interview Questions

Content writer is the professional working on writing the copy for websites, social media, blogs, and articles, etc. The writer usually works for the business growth by handling the tone of the content and finding out the best sources for the information. So that the information is useful and your business rises to a great extent.

Now being a content writer needs appropriate knowledge about the writing skills and other aspects related to writing to clear the content writer Interviews. We provide you with the best and the trending content writer interview questions so that you clear the interviews in one go.

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