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We are very glad that you have shown your interest in our website. Our company authority always gives a priority to data protection so; it will well handle the personal data. Our acknowledgment is understandable for business partners as well as the general public. Newspiner maybe changes policy time to time by updating this page and you will also check the page to ensure that you are satisfied with our updates.

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The page of newspiner uses cookies and also Many sites prefer to use cookies because when someone wants to visit on another site for some purpose. Then, our browser sends the cookies back to the server and it also helps us to contain the information about the page where you want to visit. Cookies generally store in our computer and it works as a deliver the message and that message stored in a file.

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Maybe you have seen any links on our site and at that time, if you use that link to leave our site then we are not responsible for the protection and privacy of any other site so, it is your duty to control your personal information in this type of condition.

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Whenever you think about the form, look for the box and put your information without taking it from anybody. If you are confident to share your personal information for your purpose. Then, it is our responsibility to keep secure your information as well as if you have changed your mind at any time then you can tell us by email. We never share your personal information with a third party without your permission. If you think that we provide any incorrect information to you then you tell us as soon as possible.