A thin Difference Between Love & Lust

Love Tips in Hindi

It’s important to give a name to those strong emotions you’re feeling since telling someone you love them can elevate your relationship to new heights. Love and lust are not the same, even if they might overlap. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two at times.

If you genuinely care for someone without expecting anything then you are in love with that person but if not then it is all about lust where you only just think about yourself. To get more about love just read the Love Tips in Hindi.

9 Signs of Experiencing a Feeling of Love

You have Affectionate Thoughts:- Thoughts of this individual can be pleasant, but they won’t ruin your day. Though you’re not at all fixated on them, they can make you smile.

You Want their Company, in a Balanced Way:- Even though you carry on with your life, you smile when you see them.

You can See and Accept their Flaws:- You understand they’re not flawless, and that’s alright. You can put up with their odd sense of humour and strange sock collection.

You Understand Them and Still Like Them:- You understand how their upbringing influenced them. You can see what brings them joy and sorrow. You recognise that you have the whole picture.

The Attraction is there, But it’s not the Only Draw:- You do experience sexual attraction. (If you have any doubts, read more on allosexuality in comparison to other varieties.) However, you find other aspects of them appealing as well, and you admire how everything fits together.

You Can See Things:- There might be a few problems, but you feel confident handling them. Things are more peaceful than hectic, and you don’t feel misled or perplexed.

You’re Content with the Process and Want to Build:- This is not a game. In addition to enjoying the pursuit, you’re getting to know this individual. and arranging things such that you both win.

You Feel Known and Accepted:- They have witnessed your moments of chaos and are aware of your wild childhood exploits. You’re okay with that, too. Hey, that’s love when a morning kiss isn’t ruined by morning breath.

You Can Put the Other Person Before Yourself:- Love is sacrificing and demonstrating sensitivity. If someone needs to move, maybe you think about how to stay together, she suggests. Or perhaps it’s just as easy as letting them have your preferred dessert. Whatever it is, you try to make the life of the other person better as well.

9 Signs of Experiencing a Feeling of Lust

You have Obsessive Thoughts:- You can’t get this guy off your mind. You keep replaying scenes in your mind and imagining other possibilities.

You Want to be Around them All the Time:- You want to see them as much as possible, even if you’re not stalking them—please don’t do that.

You Think They Can Do No Wrong:- Defects? What shortcomings? You believe that this individual is your ideal match. Additionally, you ignore qualities that might not be appropriate. Yes, this is how you might wind up making the incorrect person seem wonderful to you.

You Don’t Know Them but Desire Them:- What is their most notable achievement? What motivates them? Even when you lack the information, you still yearn for the individual. This is also the reason we advise against getting married very soon since unpleasant things may come out “once those rose-colored glasses come off.”

The Sexual Attraction is Super Strong:- It’s really hot outside. The cravings are out of control. And whoa, when you see them.

Your Outlook is Clouded:- You may feel puzzled, yet you also yearn for their companionship. Are you in a passionate bubble or is there something solid there?

You’re like a Hunter on a Mission:- You’re attempting to catch rather than to construct. It’s quite thrilling. However, what occurs when your desires are fulfilled? (By the way, it’s not cool and can be harsh if you frequently trap and release individuals. Put an end to it. You’re not fishing; you’re courting.

You Don’t Feel Accepted:- Perhaps you experience discomfort occasionally. Alternatively, you may restrict what you share and what others see out of fear of being who you really are.

It’s All About You:- You’re not willing to compromise in order to get what you want. Additionally, you shouldn’t disregard the other person for who they are as a whole or put them above yourself. Look closely at yourself if you have attachment problems or a tendency to be controlling.