All About Fashion

All About Fashion

Fashion is a huge industry and a high earning industry in each and every part of the world. Fashion always varies from time, place, purpose and specific area. Every country has its own type of fashion as per their weather and traditions which the local people of that country follow.

India is a country which has diversification in terms of fashion as well as in India different states follow different styles of fashion as per their region.

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Fashion is a term which is usually used to define the way of dressing, styling, carrying and behaving at a certain time period or place in terms of clothing and accessories.

Fashion includes all the types of clothing which we wear, accessories like footwear, jewelry, hair accessories such as headbands, clips, clutchers and so on.

Fashion in Different countries:-

Different countries in the world follow different styles of fashion as per their own culture and traditions. Some of the popular countries and their fashion are discussed here in this blog below:-


India is a country which is rich in culture and is one of the most diversified countries which follows a variety of cultures within one single country. In India Few of the famous styles of dresses which are worn and followed by are Sarees, salwar suits, western wear, Ghagra choli, Sharara Kurta and so on.

We know our beautiful country India is famous for its ethnic traditional wear and it is changed in every state of India in accordance with the fabric selection or styling.


This country is considered as rich in fashion and one of its cities known as Paris is considered as fashion capital in the world. The country promotes western outfits such as jeans, Skirts, trench coats, long coats, stockings, jackets and so on. There are various fashion hi-end luxury brands such as louis vuitton, Hermes, Christian dior, Salvortre ferragamo who actually belongs to this famous country and if you too is a big fan of these high end brands then make sure to visit their stores when you visit to france.

United states of America:-

One of the most powerful countries in the world, the United States of America is nowhere back in terms of fashion and is considered as the second most famous country in the world in terms of fashion. This country promotes western fashion and famous celebrities are big fans of doing their shopping from this country. Brands like Coach, Micheal Kors, Marc jacobs, Ralph lauren and so on belong to the USA and one can find out the best prices of these brands in the United States of America.


This is another country in the Continent of Europe who is famous for its western fashion clothing and accessories. Brands like Prada, Gucci, fendi, versace, Emporio Armani are few of the famous luxury brands which have been started in Italy.