Amazing Software Hacks

Amazing Software Hacks

With so many people using Microsoft Windows in all its colourful forms worldwide, it’s maybe no surprise that there are a lot of tips, tricks, and hacks that you might not know about.

Still, you presumably stick with the many effects you know well and venture a little outside your comfort zone if you are like most Windows users.

This operating system has numerous features designed to save you time.

Now I’m going to go over some of the everyday tricks and hacks for your window. Try them. They’re really amazing!

Quickly lock your computer

Still, or if you just want to increase security on your PC, it’s good to get into the habit of pressing Win + L every moment you leave your desktop unattended, especially if you are leaving your laptop open around friends prone to changing your Facebook information for thrills.

This will return your computer to its lock screen, meaning if anyone wants to use it, they will have to know your password before they can post an awkward status.

Delete browser records instantly

Even so, if you do not want to surf through the settings, also on your browser, try hitting Ctrl Shift Del if you want to delete your browsing history.

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God mode

The Windows Master Control Panel, or “God Mode,” is a shortcut to pierce all of the operating system’s To generate such a roadway, create a new folder on your desktop and label it GodMode. Once renamed, the icon will change, and you will have access to all of Windows’ most important features.

Undo Everywhere with a Simple Keyboard Shortcut

You presumably know that pressing Ctrl Z will undo anything you just compartmented, but this also applies to everything differently.

For example, if you accidentally moved or deleted a column, hitting Ctrl Z will bring it right back to its original position. Also, you can redo anything you undid by pressing CTRL Y.

Have your Wi-Fi password!!

Windows makes it easy to recover if you forget your Wi-Fi password. Get along to the Network and Sharing Center and right-click on the Wi-Fi network connection icon > Wireless Properties.

Under the Security tab, you should see a word box with dots in it—click the display characters box to see the password appear in plain text.

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