A Beginner’s Guide to Car and Trailer Driving

Car and Trailer driving

A car trailer is generally also known as a car-carrying trailer, car haulier, or also auto transport trailer which is a type of trailer or semi-trailer that is usually designed to efficiently transport passenger vehicles via the HGVs.

You are only eligible to do so if you hold a Car CAT B Driving Licence, which allows you to drive a car on the road. One more thing to note is that after getting the CAT B licence you will be eligible to operate vehicles that weigh under 3.5 tonnes.

Car on a Trailer

Position the vehicle to where the wheels of the vehicle are in line with the tie-downs or D-rings present on the trailer. Once it is properly positioned then you need to put your car in park as well as secure the parking brakes. Then you need to secure the straps or the chains to the wheels of your vehicle. Also, you can take up the car trailer course for better results.

Usage of Car Trailers

A car haulier is generally referred to as a type of trailer that is designed to hold as well as transport vehicles. Car hauliers usually come in a variety of and also which can transport one or multiple vehicles at a time. Usually, the people in car dealerships use hauliers to transport vehicles, or maybe they can also transport personal vehicles when moving.

Trailer Towing

No specific licence for caravans or trailers is required for towing; instead, the weight of the cargo you are hauling determines whether you need to upgrade your licence by passing a thorough driving test by the category’s requirements. Only the type of category test you passed will determine this. To tow a vehicle properly you need to get the car and trailer training for positive results.

The ideal car trailer size

The smallest enclosed trailer is 8*16 in size, yet it is still more than big enough to easily move one vehicle. The two most popular trailer sizes now in style are 8.5*20 and 8.5*24, both of which are usually thought to be perfect for towing a single vehicle.

The speed limit for towing a trailer

30 mph in built-up areas is the speed limit for towing a trailer followed by 50 mph on single-carriageways and 60 mph on dual-carriageways or the motorways.

The maximum possible length of a car and trailer

The combined length of a truck and a semi-trailer is not to exceed 65 feet. Since a vehicle and trailer cannot be longer than 65 feet together, the maximum length for a trailer is 65 feet. A single vehicle shouldn’t be longer than 45 feet if it’s not a truck tractor. Also one should take proper car trailer training for safe driving experiences.

Longest on-road trailer

The sole federally imposed length restriction that applies to a straight truck pulling a trailer or semitrailer is that the combined length of the truck’s two cargo-carrying sections cannot exceed 65 feet.

85 towing rule

For safe towing, it is always recommended by various towing experts that a beginner in this field should not keep the fully loaded weight of the caravan heavier than 85% of the curb weight of the tow car. This is known as the 85% towing rule.