Know all about LGV/ HGV Driver Training

Know all about LGV/ HGV Driver Training

It is tough to find collective information on HGV driver training. You will get everything in bits and pieces. Therefore we are here with a perfect guide with all the information about HGV driver training. 

HGV- Heavy Goods Vehicles weigh more than a car and are used to carry goods from one place to another. You might have seen trucks and lorries carrying goods, they come under the category of HGV, and you need a different licence to drive them. 

Here we will discuss the licences and training required to become an HGV driver. 

Licences and Vehicles 

Category C1- it is for HGV weighing between 3500 to 7500kg. 

If you want to become an HGV driver, this is where you start. It is the most basic HGV licence that you can get. This driving licence is just one step up from the regular category B (car) licence. If you get this driving licence, you can drive a vehicle that weighs up to 7500 kilograms and a trailer weight 750kg. There are no restrictions on the type of vehicle you drive. It can be a truck and trailer or lorry. Drivers who have cleared their driving test before 1997 can drive vehicles under category C1. So check if you come under this. 

C1+E- it is for vehicles weighing between 3500-7500kg and a trailer 

This HGV licence is commonly known as a 7.5-tonne driving licence. The total weight of the vehicle and trailer should not be more than 12000 kilograms. In simple words, this is an upgraded version of the Category C1 licence. With this licence, you can add a trailer too. If you want to drive an ambulance, you have to get 7.5 Tonne ambulance training first. 

Category C- is for vehicles weighing up to 32 tonnes

For this driving licence, you need to complete LGV CAT C training. Once you qualify, you can drive vehicles with a weight of not more than 32 tonnes. This category is also known as a class 2 licence. The lorry used after getting this licence is considered a standard lorry. You need to be eighteen years or more to get this driving licence. 

Category C+E- it is for vehicles in category C and trailer 

This category licence is also known as a class 1 licence. It is for large vehicles. It is one of the most comprehensive licences you can get. You need to get HGV C+E training for the licence. You can drive an articulated vehicle with this licence. 

So this was all about licence categories and vehicles. Now let us know about the process of qualifying for LGV Driver training. 

The process

If you decide to become an LGV driver, you need to select a good training centre. Once you have completed your training, there are four parts of the Drivers CPC test that you need to clear. 

Part 1- It is divided into two parts 

  1. Theory (multiple choice questions
  2. Hazard perception 

Part 2 – Case Studies 

Part 3 – Driving test 

Part 4 – practical demonstration of what you have learned in your training. 

Once you qualify for all these parts, you will get your licence within a few weeks. To drive your HGV commercially, you need to get a driver’s CPC (certificate of professional competence). You have to do periodic training for 35 hours, and after a few days, you will get your card. If you want to continue driving HGV for a long time, you need to do this periodic training every 5 years. 

So this is all the information you need before starting your career as an HGV driver. Keep everything in mind and begin with your LGV driver training now.

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