Celebration of Lohri in Punjab and Other Places

Lohri is one of the popular winter festivals of India and every year celebrated by the Hindu and Sikh. Generally, the festivals are celebrated along with the changes in nature, as it is said in Lohri that this day is the longest last night of the year, and gradually the day starts from the next day. Also, this time is considered a time of joy for the farmers. Grains start swaying in the fields and they look like pleasant weather, which is celebrated together with family and friends. In this way, this festival aims to increase mutual unity. People do worship on this day also.

Why Celebrates Lohri ?

Lohri festival is based on mythology; it is celebrated every year by remembering Sati as a sacrifice. According to the story, when Prajapati Daksha had despised Mahadev Shiva, the husband of his daughter Sati, and by not including his Jamata in the yagna, his daughter dedicated herself to Agni. The same day is celebrated every year on Lohri as sorrow and for that reason; gifts are given to the married women on this day. And also inviting them to the food, In this happiness, the goods of makeup are distributed to all married women. There is also a historical story behind Lohri which is known as Dulla Bhatti. This story belongs to the reign of Akbar, in those days Dulla Bhatti was the Sardar of Punjab province, and it was called the hero of Punjab. In those days there was a place called Sandalbar, which is now part of Pakistan. There was a market for girls there. Dulla Bhatti then opposed this and respectfully saved the girls from this rape and got them a respectable life by getting them married. On this day of victory, songs of Lohri are sung and Dulla Bhatti is remembered.

How We Celebrate Lohri

Lohri Songs

Lohri song is very famous in Punjab and the youth of Punjab started singing a love song, 15 days ago from the Lohri and they are gone from house to house as well as they especially remember the dhula bhati by taking their name.

Importance for Farmers. 

Lohri Celebration is also related to agriculture. The life of the farmers depends on the production of these crops and when the crops of any season come to the houses, festivities are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Sugarcane crop is sown in Lohri especially these days and old crops are harvested. These days, radish crop also comes and mustard also comes in the fields. It is considered a festival of cold farewells.

Special Dishes on The Festival

There are special dishes for every festival in India. Gajak, Revdi, Peanuts, etc. are eaten in Lohri and their dishes are also made. In this, mustard greens and maize bread are specially made, and the trench and love are fed to their loved ones.

Festival of Sisters and Daughters

On this day, sisters and daughters departed from home with great love are called home and they are respected. According to the Puranic legend, it is celebrated as penance for Daksha’s mistake and sister daughters are welcomed and apologized for the mistake.

The modern technique of Lohri

Even today Lohri’s Dhoom remains the same; just today the celebration has taken the form of a party. And instead of hugging, people greet each other through mobile and internet. Congratulations are also sent to WhatsApp and Mail.
The festival of Lohri is celebrated with full enthusiasm like this. People of the country are also settled abroad, in which Punjabis mostly live abroad, so Lohri is also celebrated abroad. Especially in Canada, the color of Lohri is very sensitive.