How to choose the perfect necklace for your neckline?

Well, it seems a quite daunting task to choose a perfect necklace for your neckline. According to your height, shape, face, and body, you have to be a bit cautious in choosing the right necklace for you.

Here in this article, we have created a comprehensive guide to necklace lengths and how these can be used to give a compliment to anyone. Both the necklaces and pendant chains are available in different varieties of lengths.

But this is also a fact that not every necklace will look the same on each individual. There are a lot of key factors like height, shape and even your face shape can contribute to the look of the necklace.

Just like clothing and some other accessories, your face shape can also help in determining what styles of necklaces can suit you better than the others.

1: Round/ Oval: If you have a round or an oval face shape then you can effortlessly create a V-shape necklace that brings the eye down of people.

Round Shaped face with V-shaped necklace

2: Square and Oblong:  Both the choker or shorter necklace can help soften the sharper angles of the face and highlights a longer neck.

Square and Oblong face with Choker or shorter necklace

3: Heart-Shaped: Similar to a square or oblong face, if your face is heart-shaped then try to wear shorter necklaces that really help soften your face angels.

Heart shaped face with shorter necklace

Necklace Sizing:

If you are still in a doubt over the necklace length then here is a little guide to it. Higher the neckline will be longer should be the necklace. On the other hand, lower the neckline is, the rounder and shorter the necklace should be.

Necklaces according to your bust size:

It just not only depends on necklines but your bust also:

1: Smaller Bust: These can go for the longer and chunkier necklaces.

Necklace for small bust

2: Larger Bust: A smaller necklace with 2-3 layers can work the best. So, a larger bust can go for the smaller necklaces.

Necklace for larger bust

Necklaces to wear as per your height:

People who are shorter or taller might have the hardest time finding a perfect necklace shape that fits perfectly for them. The shorter woman finds that the long necklaces are made too long whereas the taller woman finds that the necklace is supposed to be longer for them. You can take a look at our height examples and find the best length of the necklaces as per your height:

1: Short People: If you have a shorter frame of approx 5’4 then you can choose the necklaces that come in a long shape, but not hang too low. On the other hand, if you are looking for shorter necklaces then try to have 16-18 in length. Else you can try to put in between 20-24 that will hang effortlessly.

2: Taller People: With the taller frame you can wear any type of necklace length. But try to go for longer styles as it will look great and gives you a stunning look and also accentuate your height. When you are looking at shorter styles, ensure that your necklace size components look great to your face before you buy.

3: Regular Height: Eventually those who are between 5’4 or 5’7 can wear any necklace length. But before buying the necklace you should need to consider both your face shape and body looks great by wearing this or not.

Now look for the necklaces that help you in understanding which necklaces will suit your Outfit’s neckline:

1: Round Neck:

Sometimes it happens that people go wrong in styling the round neck more often than you expect. It usually depends upon the depth of your neckline. Also, there are various scopes for a variety of options that fits well as per your style.

Necklace for Round Neck

The crew necks look great with the long layered necklaces or with the long chains or pendant. Sometimes a little deeper round neck opens the door for wearing shorter chains with pendants and necklaces. For a heavier look, you can also pair it with either a choker or a matching layered long necklace.

2: V-Neck:

One of the basic principles to follow while accessorizing a necklace with a V neckline is to ensure that your chosen piece of necklace flatters your outfit.

Necklace for V-Neck

Choose a smaller piece of necklace for the narrow plunge and wider necklines. You can also choose a V-shaped short necklace or multiple round necklaces. Sometimes even the lariat necklaces go well with this neckline. The person can choose a plain simple necklace that usually comes with a simple and slim pendant.

3: Boat neck:

If you want to wear a classic Boat Neck then it is mainly accompanied by a typical high horizontal neckline or long and multiple necklaces.

Necklace for boat neck

You can also synchronize it with a beady necklace that would hang lower than the neckline. To add a bit of twist for your formal occasion you can wear the choker necklace and with long pendant neckpieces.

4: Cowl Necks:

The people having cowl necks can go for the slick and multi-stranded or with a single strand necklace. Moreover, you can also try a small pendant that makes your outfits look great, simple, and elegant.

Necklace for Cowl Neck

The long beaded necklaces usually look terrific with the cowl neck. Whether you dress either ethnic wear or wear western outfits. You can go for multi-stranded or single-stranded necklaces. Thus it gives your outfit a necessary poise as well as great glamour.

5: Sweetheart necklines:

The dresses that come along with the sweet hear necklines are one of the most flattering dresses that a woman can have. Are you wondering which kind of necklaces can go along with them? Well, you should give it a try to carved beads and pendants that ends right above your neckline. But you should also ensure that these cannot get overlapped with the neckline of your dress and top.

While wearing a sweetheart neck outfit, the necklaces that come in angular pendants will look great and stunning. It will give you a sophisticated and elegant look. Besides, it has been seen that the shorter necklaces that fall right on your collarbone seem very pretty with these necklines.

The outfits look at their best when paired with the choker kind of necklaces. The ladies can experiment with the material and color as per their wearing outfit. This will also show off your neck and shoulder and make you look unique from the rest of the others.

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