Classified ads in SEO

Classified Ads are one of the most important technique falls under the category of Off-Page SEO. Classified submission is not a new thing in the field of SEO. This is basically a process by which you can submit ads in classified submission sites. The classified submission can also enhance your visibility and presence in the search engine marketing.

Importance of classifieds ads:

  • It is a way to promote your website by generating quality backlinks (no-follow and do follow type) from different websites.
  • It is a method of posting ads of your products on the websites.

Classified ads are broadly classifieds into three groups:

  • Headline : For crafting an effective classified ad evolves the creation of effective headline. The attractive headlines generate interest in both the readers and buyers.
  • Details : By providing the details of products or services help customers to know more information regarding your service. Most of the classified ads use attractive offers for customers.
  • Contact Details : The finishing touch is given by the closing which lead the buyer to the “Contact now” or “Buy now button”

Some Benefits of Classifieds Ads are:

  • Classified Ads are pretty to use : There is no doubt that classified ads are mobile and search-friendly. However, it can be used very easily. Also, you can navigate them easily and give your customers exactly what they are been looking for. One can make classified ads smoothly without any hassle and provides you the numerous visitors.
  • It embraces with the global market : Want to sell product or services from your websites? Looking for uplifting your sales volume? All these problems can be addressed by using classifieds ads for your services and products. Moreover, it has the capacity in creating a global market f0r your business. Due to this way, you can easily get excess of potential customers and thus generate the sales for your business.
  • Classified Ads are free : You must be glad to know that most of the classified ads are free. During these days, most of the markets are crowded with a lot of websites. With the help of those websites, you can post your classifieds ads for free. It also means that you don’t need to invest a chunk of money for posting a classified ad. Some of the renowned sites like OLX,, etc help in posting classified ads. It uplifts the visibility of your products too. Therefore, you don’t need to spend even a single penny on advertising.
  • Establishes ads within minutes : Well, it is true that most of the offline newspaper classified ads take a lot of time to get published. Although, it is a very time-consuming process and apart from it the offline classified ads don’t last for a longer duration. On the other hand, online classified ads only need a few hours or a week to get published.
  • It boosts your traffic : While dealing with a product-selling site, you can enhance your organic traffic by posting a blog or website address. Though if you give a link back to your website, then users will get curious regarding your products while browsing. With the help of classifieds ads, you can land on to your websites.

Final Thought : The classifieds ads are one of the simplest ways of promoting your business as well as your brands. It can also be done for free as well. It provides a convenient way to stand among all the competitors.

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