Guide to Dressing Smart in the Hot Summer Weather

Guide to Dressing Smart in the Hot Summer Weather

Dressing sharp and staying cool & fresh all day long in the hot weather is a task. Sweat starts dripping almost immediately. One can’t even fathom wearing multiple layers. If you are a teacher for whom it’s mandatory to dress a certain way, wearing a pair of khaki shorts to work is not an option.

You can’t change the temperature outside but you can pick and choose the right dress. It sure can mitigate the impact of how you feel. Here we go with some tips to dress sharply in the scorching heat and look your best: 

1: Choose a Light Fabric, Ideally Cotton

All your summer clothes should be made from 100% cotton. It’s a lightweight fabric and it’s breathable. Before you head out to buy, you must know that cotton is a breathable fabric and it comes in several varieties. Make sure you purchase the one that is appropriate for summer. 

Do a weight and breathability test before buying the cotton, which is as follows:

  • Place the fabric over your mouth and breath. Can you breathe through it? If you getting air requires sucking hard, move on to the next option.
  • Then, perform a weight test by holding the garment one foot away from the source of light.

Varieties of Cotton 

The types of cotton fabric which are great for summer include seersucker, madras, and chambray. Do some research about these fabric types so that you are certain about what to buy and whatnot. 

2: Consider Sun Protection 

People prefer less clothing in summer, which is wrong! You are exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. Instead, you should be using your clothes as a defense to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Therefore, go for long pants and long-sleeved shirts or T-shirts. 

Don’t forget sunglasses, because our eyes can’t bear the shining sun. Never buy sunglasses for the heck of it. Make sure the pair you are selecting fits the shape of your face right.  

3: Wear Linen Shirts

When it comes to buying shirts, go for something light and comfortable like linen shirts. The only drawback of these shirts is that they get wrinkles very soon. 

Look for the options in linen shirts and add them to your wardrobe.  

4: Stick to Lighter Shades

We all know that light colors reflect light. They appear cooler in summer. Dark shades on the other hand, like blue, green, and purple generate thermal energy under sunlight. Black is capable of absorbing more light than it reflects. Hence, it’s capable of retaining more heat. 

Light can easily reflect white so, it retains less heat. Light colors also enhance one’s mood. Perhaps that is why beige, yellow, pink, and white are seen more in summer collections.  

5: Skip Jeans and Wear Chinos 

Jeans are popular in any weather. In my opinion, they aren’t an ideal summer attire. If you are keen on wearing them, then look for lightweight jeans designed for summer.

If you are looking for an alternative, go for chinos. They are stylish and less expensive. You can even roll them up to circulate air. 

You can also wear shorts whenever you can. They are perfect for summer.  

6: Wear Them Summer Shoes

Wish you could wear shoes without socks? Well, you ca but your feet will be filled with moisture all day long and that moisture will sit in your shoes. If they are made from leather, they will wear out soon. 

The best approach is to invest in breathable shoes so that you can wear them with cotton socks without sweating much. Espadrilles. Canvas sneakers, loafers, brogues, and boat shoes are some great options when it comes to summer shoes. Of course, when it’s acceptable, you can always wear sandals. However, keep those flip-flops for the beach only (please!) 

7: Choose Loose Fitting 

I know, you must be thinking everyone keeps saying the perfect fit matters, but hey, it is summer. You can’t always wear perfectly fitted clothes. 

In fact, you will find a lot of designers launching looser fits for summer. Even if you are wearing shorts on a hot day, you are going to sweat because they are hugging your body. And all fabrics are great at absorbing moisture. In the end, loosely fitted fabrics are likely to keep you cooler. An added benefit is that you will look stylish. 

Loose-fitting doesn’t mean you end up buying XL. Just bear in mind that the clothes should have enough slack to allow the air to flow. This air will keep the flowing and you won’t be stuck with sweat. You might have to shop at a designer’s store to find loose clothes for summer to find something sharp and chic.  


Dressing up for summer is challenging if you are expected to look sharp and dressed up. It’s not impossible though. Try these tips and you should be able to look your best without sweating buckets.

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