5 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Laptop Pcs

5 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Laptop Pcs

Laptops are the best portable devices you can find in this day and age for your every need. Whether you are a businessman, a student, or an everyday Joe, a laptop can be your best buddy. It can be your entertainment hub, a mobile workstation, and a personal secretary too. But there are some things which we do without even realizing, that are damaging our laptops. Stick around and find out.


Overheating is the biggest problem that every laptop user faces. Even though the laptops have heat draining vents and a cooling system, which can cool your laptop down but that does not mean we can be reckless about it. You need to make sure that you are not running the apps or games which are causing the laptop to produce more heat. Sometimes even due to the blockage at the vents, or using your laptop in a really high-temperature environment without a break, can cause overheating. The more heat gets collected inside your laptop, the more damage it will cause to the components. 

Mismanaging the Battery

The battery is the one thing that can affect the overall performance of your laptops. Without a good battery life, you cannot enjoy the portability factor of your device. Often people harm their battery without even knowing it. Sometimes we leave the charger plugged in for way too long, which can overcharge the battery, or often we never plug in the charger until it is absolutely and completely drained. This affects the battery life of your laptop and ultimately destroying your laptop’s performance. Make sure to always plug in the charger when the laptop is at 20% battery and avoid plugging in the charger when the battery is more than 80%. Try to reduce the brightness and tweak some of the battery settings, which can remove some of the load from your battery.

Careless Handling

Even though the laptops are tested for durability and can withstand bumps, minor falls, or pressure. But it does not mean that we use it carelessly and do not take care of it. If your laptop has received a good amount of beating, then it will ultimately get damaged beyond repair. Using carelessly can destroy the outer body as well as the inner components of your laptop. Keep your laptop inside a bag to keep it safe from any unfortunate incidents. 

Dust, Dirt, and Spills

It is really important to keep your laptop clean from dirt and dust. When the dust particles are not cleaned then they tend to get inside the laptop through vents and keyboard. These particles will get collected inside the laptop’s components and damage your laptop. Also make sure to keep the water and other beverages away from your laptop, as spills can be really damaging for the mainboard. Make a habit of cleaning your laptop after a few days to keep the dust away. You can also get a blower to blow the dirt away more accurately.

Surfing the Internet Unprotected

We are connected with the internet all day long for different purposes. But the internet is not always a safe place to go without any kind of protection. There are a number of viruses and potential threats just waiting to attack. If you are surfing the internet without any kind of virus protection, then your system can get affected by harmful viruses, which can slowly destroy your laptop. Make sure that you have anti-virus and other protection software installed on your laptop before you go online. Also, scan your drive with the protection software, so the viruses or malware can be detected if there are any.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, these were some of the harmful habits, which are slowly but gradually destroying your laptops. Make sure to take care of your laptop so you can prolong its life and never get to go to the repair shops quite often. If you are looking to buy good quality laptops, then visit Laptop Outlet and choose from a wide collection.

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