How to Style Your Mustache?

How to style your mustache

Like beards, mustaches have made an extreme comeback from the past few years. Facial hairs have once again become popular among men of all age groups from all over the world. However, some men prefer to carry both an excellent beard style with a classy mustache style. At the same time, others like only to have either a beard or a mustache. Although growing an elegant mustache might be challenging for some, while for some others, it can be more comfortable.

How to style your beard

It is so because, like beards, the growth of your mustache depends on various factors such as your genetics, hormones level that are required to grow your mustache, your lifestyle, and skin caring-grooming routine.

Though once grown, nothing can look as classy as a well-maintained mustache. Whatever your purpose is to increase mustache, be it to make it your fashion statement or highlight your masculinity. You can find a mustache style that will fit your needs. You can wear a stylish mustache style by trimming some hairs and applying a little mustache wax. If you cannot choose a typical mustache style, you can experience different types till you decide on a particular one. So, let’s learn how to style your mustache?

How to style your mustache with perfection

1. Styling a typical mustache-

With various mustache styles, some styles fall under the category of basic techniques. Here, we will discuss specific types of basic mustache styles and see how you can style them if you wear any one of them.

  • Try a classic handlebar mustache-

To get the mustache look, let your mustache grow until its ends reach around your upper lip. Swab some mustache wax to the upper end of your mustache and spread it downwards using a comb throughout your whole mustache. Now, part the mustache in half and, using your fingers, twist each end up. Although, most people suggest that a proper handlebar mustache requires at least six weeks to grow. As the mustache grows, you might need to trim a few hairs around the lips. And if you want to curl up the ends, twist them around the pencil for a tighter loop.

  • Go for a chevron mustache for a more straightforward look-

To achieve this look, allow your mustache to grow until it brushes out your lips. If you notice any longer hairs until the end of the mustache hangs at the top corner of your mouth. When your mustache grows below your lips, trim it to keep the ends away from your mouth.

  • Styling a cowboy mustache-

The cowboy mustache can be defined as the more extended version of the chevron mustache. To get this charming style, let your mustache grow out in a chevron style, and then let your mustache keep growing over your upper lip until it touches your bottom lip. Clean the mustache using some trimming scissors as it extends over the bottom lip to avoid any unkempt look.

Cowboy mustache

  • Style your walrus mustache-

A walrus mustache is a combination of cowboy and handlebar mustache. Allow your mustache to grow past your bottom lip on the sides. Now, trim the center of the mustache up around your upper lip. This look of yours should result in a horseshoe shape. Now, divide your mustache in half, apply wax to the mustache to keep it in its place. The walrus mustache takes around three months to grow for most people.

To know more about how to grow a walrus mustache, visit-

  • Get a pyramidal thick mustache style-

As its name suggests, the pyramidal mustache style is narrow on top and wide on the bottom. Grow your mustache just above your upper lip; now, using a trimmer, make your mustache horizontally thinner on the top and slope it downwards to make it comprehensive. Trim it frequently as the mustache grows past your upper lip to keep the shape neat.

2. Styling the advanced mustache styles-

The mustache styles discussed above were the basic styles, but now we will discuss some advanced mustache styles that can style like a pro.

  • Getting a pencil-thin mustache, which is quite high-maintenance-

A pencil-thin mustache is easy to grow out and can be achieved in around one month. To maintain its style, keep the mustache trimmed above the upper lip and divide it in half. However, you need to cut it carefully to keep its bottom line even. The ideal thickness of a pencil-thin mustache is similar to the thickness of the pencil.

  • Get a horseshoe mustache if you can grow a full beard-

Usually, the horseshoe mustaches are styled and shaped like an upside-down ‘U’ over the mouth and chin. To style this mustache style, you need to grow a full beard and shave the cheeks and chin area below your bottom lip. Wrap up your look by shaving your jawline and using mustache wax to keep the horseshoe in place.

  • Styling the bold Fu-Manchu beard style-

To get started with the Fu-Manchu beard style:

  1. Grow the whiskers on your lip.
  2. Continue it growing down on each side of your mouth and shaving all hair off the corners to keep the mustache thin.
  3. Divide the mustache in half and apply wax to highlight both endpoints.
  • Style a Dali mustache-

The Dali mustache is an artistic, somewhat goofy take on the handlebar mustache. To get this, look to grow your mustache till it reaches your lip and then let it grow the ends until they come to your chin. Part the mustache half and apply wax to the mustache, now twist both the ends and across the cheekbones. The Dali mustache goes best on oblong and oval face shapes.

Dali mustache

3. Grooming and maintaining your mustache-

  • Wash your mustache using beard shampoo at least two times a week.
  • After washing, blow dry your beard to make it easier to shape. For better results, you can apply wax and blow hot air on it.
  • Frequently moisture the skin below your mustache. It is because the beneath skin under your mustache is prone to get dry and dandruff. Gently apply mustache moisturizer and rub it using your fingertips.
  • Use beard oil on your mustache daily. Take a few drops of facial hair oil in your hands and rub it softly throughout your mustache.
  • Take a fine-tooth comb to brush your mustache. A comb with many short and thin bristles will keep your mustache in shape.
  • Trim your mustache whenever it becomes dry because wet hairs tend to be heavier and hang longer than it usually would.
  • To get an advanced mustache style for a different look, you must visit a barber. As barbers are professionals, they can provide a perfect shape and look that suits your personality.


Mustaches are as famous as beards are, men love to carry mustaches certainly because of their traditions, or they want to look more masculine. Some mustache styles go well with a specific type of beard style, while some mustache styles look great without beards. However, mustaches need to be groomed and cared for like any beard style. Proper wash, frequent moisturization, and trimming are required to maintain a tidy mustache look.

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