Difference between Laravel development and WordPress Development

Difference between Laravel development and WordPress development

Both WordPress and Laravel development has captured a maximum portion of the websites present on the web and still are trending. They differ in various aspects from each other and also have some similarities in them. Knowing about all such differences will make it easier for you to decide on the best one according to your needs. Some key differences between them. 

Architecture Supported

The architecture used for the development of web apps has great value as it has to bring ease for businesses later. Good architecture can make it easy to add new features to the websites with the growth of the business. A laravel development companyhas an edge in this regard as it supports the MVC architecture. While WordPress is different in the way that it follows plugin architecture. So, the features in a WordPress website are extended by the addition of plugins. Similarly, the MVC architecture allows separating the different parts of a website from each other, like separating a presentation layer from the application layer. This division allows updating a selective part of the web app. 

Speed comparison

Laravel is a popular framework supported with PHP and WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). Both of them differ in terms of speed. The high performance is achieved by using the different methods in both of them. laravel development agency chicago uses OMR as known as the Eloquent, to interact with the database queries generated by the people. Likewise, the performance of WordPress depends upon the factor of how well the plugins are coded. Wide use of the plugins can also make the speed slower. Further, the Laravel websites are lightweight, and web pages are loaded faster. 

Security differences

Safety of the web solutions is the primary factor upon which a person decides to opt for the right development strategy. In comparison to WordPress, the laravel development in Chicago ilis more popular in terms of safety aspects. The WordPress websites and their plugins need to get updated continuously. But, the Laravel framework offers to build highly protected web solutions with dual authentication. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of cross-site scripting that could allow hackers to steal sensitive data. Hence, you can build highly protected web apps involving financial matters. Ecommerce stores and banking websites are a common example of it. 

Time required for development

Time spent to develop the web apps is also a factor that shows the differences between WordPress and Laravel development. Usually, WordPress is preferred to get the websites in a short time. It only requires doing some basic changes in the WordPress themes. A laravel development company instead takes some extra time to build a web app but the results achieved are highly pleasing. Though, its open-source nature also offers code reusability that reduces the development time. Ultimately, it is WordPress that allows getting a website with limited features in few seconds. 

Cost and features differences

Costs incurred on getting the web solutions through the Laravel framework and WordPress have a higher difference. Without any doubt, WordPress development is cheaper. The basic reason behind this aspect is the free availability of the various custom themes. Though, a laravel development agency in chicagohas to write the code blocks from the very beginning. But, these WordPress themes offer a limited number of features. Still, there is a need to develop new modules for fulfilling the increased business needs. So, the investment in the Laravel resources benefits later with a number of traits for the loyal customer base. 

Scalability of web apps

Scalability can be rated as the key factor to see how different both the development strategies are. Thelaravel development in Chicago il and the rest of the regions is famous because it provides a highly scalable solution. It is a dream that comes true for firms having a wide customer base. In contrast, WordPress does not allow so much scalability and is considered best for firms having a low customer base. The customization options are quite limited. The addition of plugins can cause other problems like the slow speed of the site. 

It is easy to assume from all of these mentioned differences between WordPress and laravel development that both of them have unique traits. But, the Laravel framework has more perks than WordPress. It is also possible to create a hybrid web solution having the traits of both of these development strategies.

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