8 Outfit Ideas That Will Have You Looking Cute All Summer Long

Current Fashion Trends in India

Summer is a time to be free and explore nature while looking sleek of course. This summer, it’s your turn to express yourself with your outfit choices, whether you’re into fashion, or just looking to feel good. There are a lot of outfit choices matching different occasions all through the summer. To make your selection easier, we have compiled a list of 8 of the top outfit ideas to have you looking cute all summer, in different scenarios:

A button-up shirt and shorts

Shorts are the perfect summer outfit especially when the sun is out in full force. It also helps if you have great legs and are willing to show them off. A button-up shirt pairs up perfectly with shorts and fits into any casual setting you may find yourself in the summer. Whether you are going out with friends or heading to the beach, a button-up shirt and shorts will do nicely. Be sure to choose light fabrics when it comes to this option to minimize the chances of sweating and ruining the combination.

Thigh-high slit skirts

In keeping with the flaunting great legs trend, thigh-high slit skirts are a great option in the summer. Thigh-high slit skirts are excellent for a formal occasion so long as you can find a top that it pairs up nicely with. The best combinations with thigh-high slit skirts often occur when the colors match, like an all-black dress. Don’t be surprised if you find a lot more people rocking the slit on different occasions. 

Crochet tops

Crochet tops are a cost-effective summer dress that happens to pair up perfectly with the summer. Crochet tops pair up nicely with pants, skirts, and shorts, and so long as the colors match, you have yourself a winning outfit choice. Crochet tops are however casual wear and would only be fit for a casual hang with friends, or some outdoor time.

A prairie dress

When it comes to summer dresses, the prairie dress is perhaps the gold standard of women’s dresses and they are sure to make any woman look stunning. In keeping with the summer theme, the dress should stop close to the knee without actually getting there. You are sure to feel free and comfortable, and maybe even have a prairie time. 


It is not summer without jumpsuits and you are sure to find a lot of them around. When it comes to looking formal and still feeling both sexy and confident, then a jumpsuit may be just what you need. For a date night or a dinner party, you are sure to find a jumpsuit to your liking. Be sure to pair the jumpsuit with an occasion-worthy top and you are good to go. If you are able to match both the jumpsuit and the top, you are sure to have an even better time.


Who says you have to show some skin or be too revealing to have a stunning look in the summer? A cover-up dress can be as sexy or as revealing as you want especially when it is cut in the right places. Still, the idea of a cover-up dress is to do precisely that, cover you up. Cover up dresses can fit any scenario from casual to formal, just as long as you pair it with the right shoes.

Beach dress

It’s not really summer unless we talk of the beach, and what better outfit to wear than a beach dress. Beach dresses aren’t really dresses, but that is the point. You are likely to be wearing a bikini on the beach, and the beach dress is merely a placeholder, covering up your bikini till you are at the beach. Luckily, beach dresses have style and you are sure to look cute or stunning.

Strapless dress

Strapless dresses are a timeless classic summer dress option and are sure to make a lot of appearances this summer. Strapless dresses are sure to let you look both cute and classy. When it comes to summer women’s dresses, the strapless dress probably ranks at the top. Whether it’s for a casual hang, date night, or a formal occasion, there is a strapless dress for every occasion.


Summer is a great time to explore both your creativity and be as free as possible in your outfits. We have compiled a list of some of the best outfits choices to help you stun this summer.

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