20 Myths About Fashion: Busted


Certain regulations are supposed to be disregarded, especially if they pertain to outmoded fashion standards that won’t be relevant after 2021. Don’t allow anyone to tell you what is acceptable or inappropriate in terms of fashion. There are a few widely held misconceptions about fashion. In this blog we will burst this bubble. The last thing we don’t want is outdated restrictions to restrict you or hold you back.

It’s time to explore some things about fashion that are currently circulating and bring out the fashionista in you.

After Labor Day, White Attire is Prohibited:

This out-of-date, arbitrary clothing code is inappropriate in the modern world. High-society individuals used fashion in the late 19th century to differentiate themselves from the manipulated fashion trends to create an insider vs outsider dynamic. Consider your white summer pants to be snowy winter ones. Formals can be in multicolor and will make you look stylish yet professional.

Stiletto Heels are more Classy than Flats:

Walk into any mall shoe store and you’ll discover plenty of high heels or formal shoes that debunk this misconception. What about a covered platform? True, high heels modify your posture. However, you may adjust your posture without altering the height of your shoes. It only takes shoulders back, chins up, and a chest out. It’s even possible to do it barefoot.

Menswear is Exclusively for men:

You won’t be able to buy a suit at Rochester Big & Tall, but you’d be amazed at how many made-for-men things can work for you. This is especially true in the most popular stores, such as H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and J. Crew, where men’s clothing isn’t always as contemporary as women’s clothing and has a somewhat slouchier fit. They offer a great fit for men and have a variety of clothes exclusively for men. 

High-waisted pants were not flattering:

High-waisted bottoms have a terrible reputation, but when worn correctly, they may fool the eye into thinking you’re taller and thinner by elongating your lower body. They make you elegant yet classy.

Some outfits only look attractive on tall, lean people:

Saying that a specific type of clothing—whether wide-legless pants, crop tops, or shift dresses—only looks good on someone tall and thin is a value judgment, and a messed-up one. As people are getting familiar with fashion and have started adopting new trends, they can now check what makes them look good in which outfit.

Sneakers Are Only Appropriate for the Gym:

The gym, as recent trends have demonstrated, as gym selfies and inspiring people on social media. Sneakers may lend a modern touch to an ensemble that isn’t entirely made of sweats, thanks to slip-on sneakers, wedge sneakers, and the emergence of prominent bloggers and fashion insiders donning athletic Nike, New Balance, and Adidas kicks with everything from elegant skirts to leather trousers.

Invest in timeless classics instead of trends:

Besides, “traditional” items like trench coats, black pumps, and LBDs will always be available. At least, if you don’t spend a fortune on them, you won’t be distraught when they wear out and need to be replaced. As it is not wrong to say “Old is Gold”, whether it is old or vintage, it is always evergreen.

Fashion is ephemeral:

For millennia, individuals have used fashion to blend in or stand out from their surroundings, making it a significant social phenomenon. Fashion is an old art form that encompasses more than simply clothing. The clothes you wear may tell a story, reveal your personality, and reflect your emotions.

Leather is a byproduct of the meat processing industry:

Many people rationalize buying leather by reasoning that the skins of animals used in the meat business would be discarded anyhow. This is not the case. Contrary to common opinion, leather is a valuable resource or “co-product,” not only a by-product of the meat business. I should not add that the most “luxurious” leather is obtained from newborn veal calves and, in some cases, unborn calves extracted prematurely from their mother’s wombs!

Sexy implies displaying a lot of skin:

You’re doing yourself a huge favor. Do you adore your physique and want to flaunt it? Great! Do it in non-flashy ways, such as tight jeans and a silky top, a long-sleeve mini-dress with ankle boots, or a stunning pair of heels with a curve-hugging pencil skirt. With a curvy body or even a lean body, you still look sexy even when showing your skin.

Trends are subsidiary to classics:

Avoid being mired in this rut. The spice of life is experimenting with new trends, but classics do have a place in your core wardrobe, delivering a variety of timeless pieces that serve as your staples. It’s essential to add some new items to your wardrobe, provided you pick durable, well-made, and straightforward types. One of the best example to this is matching outfit with your partner.

If you are married or in a relationship having same couple t shirt in a wardrobe is a very good idea.

Silver and precious metals cannot be combined:

Mixing metals is considerably more stylish! Sincerity be damned, there are several pieces available right now that contain both silver and gold that may truly bring contrast to your ensemble.

Don’t spend too much on your wedding gown:

Of course, it’s a special day and a special gown, so you may and should do what you think is best, but the notion that a wedding gown is something you should excessively splurge on benefits the people selling you your gown far more than it benefits you.

Glasses are not attractive.

Glasses may be as sexy or as unstylish as you desire. They’re exactly like any other item in that it all depends on how you wear them.

The investment in sustainable fashion is high:

There are ways to get involved without buying anything at all, such as participating in fashion activism or sharing and borrowing.

Shopping secondhand could also be a part of a sustainable fashion strategy. Additionally, you may frequently locate secondhand items of good quality that are less expensive than even quick fashion.                    

Long dresses are unsuitable for short women : 

Contrary to a popular misconception, short girls do not need to avoid wearing long gowns. In fact, if properly fitted, it can wind up complimenting your small shape.

Mixing bright colors is a recipe for catastrophe:

When done correctly, mixing bright colors may seem pretty elegant and current. Dress like Emma in this vivid red and fuchsia pink gown. The idea is to keep your accessories and make-up to a minimum.

Skinny jeans are not appropriate for curvy women:

Untrue, If you’ve got it, show it off! Skinny jeans not only highlight your legs, but they also accentuate your figure. You can wear them with a sleek white shirt or a flowy top and a pair of stunning heels.

Sequins should only be worn during the day:

Sequins can be worn during the day with ease. The sparkling embroidery is glamorous and modern, and it can be worn at any time of day.

Never combine black and blue:

If you intend to match them with black, choose brighter and bolder blues such as cobalt or sky blue. The more vibrant color will keep your outfit from looking washed out.

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