Common Myths About Technology

Common myths about technology

Myths spread like wildfire. So, it’s very important to know what the actual truth is.

So here I am to tell you about the myths of technology.

1. Bigger batteries mean better battery backup

It’s true that a bigger battery can hold more power. Yes, a bigger battery can hold much more power, battery backup depends upon how it is used by the system.

2. Installing antivirus software gives you 100% protection against viruses

We installed the latest antivirus software, thinking it’d protect us against viruses. These viruses are filtered and blocked, but if your antivirus programme isn’t up to date, it will not block the virus and your system will be infected.

3. Cutting the Cord can Save Your many Tons of Money

This can still be true, but only if you’re willing to settle for using a couple of streaming services and maybe throw up an HD antenna to get your introductory networks over the air.

4. The Refresh button wakes up Windows

Clicking on the Refresh button in Windows makes the PC refresh and smooths everything. The refresh button performs a different job. It’s supposed to fix crimes and glitches, not to speed up the PC.

5. Fewer bars on your mobile phone means better service

Further bars on our mobile phone make us happy because we suppose we’re getting better service. The bars we usually see on our phone indicate the signal strength, not the quality of service.

6. Charging your phone overnight harms the battery

It’s a myth that has agonised humanity since the dawn of the mobile phone. Your device is finagled in a way that it knows it has to stop charging once it’s completely juiced up.

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7. The Internet and the World Wide Web are the same thing

The terms “Internet” and “World Wide Web” are frequently used interchangeably, but they have extensively different meanings. The Internet is also known as a “network of networks.”

8. Further Megapixels means better camera megapixels

What does matter is the size you want your final picture to be. The redundant pixels on a smartphone camera might be useful if you want to publish your images. However, the images will look sharp if your megapixel count isn’t enough for the size of the image you publish.

9. Graham Bell constructed the telephone

For a great many numerous times, it was assumed that Alexander Graham Bell, together with Elisha Gray, was the creator of the telephone, but in reality, Antonio Meucci was recognised as the authentic innovator of what was originally known as the telegraphone.

10.  Web surfing in sequestration mode is private

” A common misconception among consumers is that probing the web in private browsing mode is safer or more private than using your typical cybersurfed. Actually, private browsing mode prevents the websites we visit from appearing in our search history. It is critical to understand that it does not invariably protect against malware or prevent your Internet service provider from viewing the website that you visited.

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