Technology is one of the most booming segments of current time and this segment will be the most developing segment for the next 10 years as well. The basic reason behind the continuous development of this segment is the addiction and dependency of life on this segment.

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Types of Technology:-

Some of the most running and core types of technology which is been seen using in our day to day life are as follows:

1. Artificial Intelligence:-

This is a technology which helps in doing the work of human intelligence by machines or computer systems. This technology is beneficial for reducing the burden of manpower in a business area and household work.

Currently we can enjoy some features of artificial intelligence in our mobile phones by using Siri, google assistant and alexa.

2. Information Technology:-

This system of technology involves the IT segment. This technology works moreover towards computer systems, hardwares, softwares and so on. This technology is helpful in creating or developing software, maintaining storages, for the purpose of telecommunications and so on.

Few of the examples of information technology are performance management softwares, radio equipment, telephone management, content management software and so on.

3. Space Technology:-

The technology used for management of things in space such as sending the satellites, managing them and updating in accordance with this and so on. Basically all the technology used for the purpose of space and its evaluation and working comes under the category of Space Technology.

4. Entertainment Technology:-

The use of technology for the purpose of media and entertainment which helps the audience to give a better experience of entertainment comes under the category of this technology. This category is a major focus of all the entertainment sector as their working life runs and revolves around this technology.

Technology updates such as VFX, Graphics and so on are part of entertainment technology

5. Medical technology:-

The technology used for the purpose of getting medical reports, testing and other uses such as creating of medicines, vaccines and so on are the part of medical technology.

All the X-ray machines, MRI machines, CT-Scan machines, Biometrics machines, machines used in hospitals for recording patient details and so on are updates of medical technology.

Medical technology is a growing sector and it is helping a lot in treatments and therefore, is one of the most important developments in technology.

6. Operational technology:-

This technology is used in industries and business organizations for the purpose of operating softwares and hardwares. Businesses have a great impact on technology and a lot of industries are working with the technological updated machinery’s and therefore operational technology plays an important role.

Therefore, we need to be updated with the technology for good growth. There are other types of technology as well such as Assistive technology, communication technology, hospitality technology, Superintelligence.