Why do we Celebrate Holi?

One of the much-anticipated festivals is here and that is “Holi”!! It is the festival of colors which is celebrated every year with both excitement and love. This colorful festival is celebrated in every corner of the country with great enthusiasm and in unique custom ways to mark the beginning of spring.

The Holi is a Hindu festival and celebrates the arrival of the spring season. This festival is celebrated usually in the second week of March. The festival is celebrated by holding lots of faiths both for young and adults.

Like the other festivals, Holi is also celebrated differently by different groups of people having different faiths and backgrounds. But what remains the same is the warmth and spirit of this day. Whether you are lighting Holika, Bonfire, or playing with the colors. Holi is a wonderful occasion for celebrating and bringing the community together. It can also be celebrated as the triumph of bad over good.

Importance of Holi:

Holi the festival of colors is the most vibrant in all Hindu festivals. It marks the end of the winter season in India. On this festive day, people have been seen to play and enjoy with colors. They meet and greet one another to start with the new beginnings.

How people celebrate Holi?

Celebrating the colorful festivals brings lots of happiness and also involves some basic rituals:

1: Preparing Holi pyre: A few days before the festival, people start collecting the wood and inflammable things that are used for the bonfire. All the combustible materials are gathered in a pyre. And on the top of the pyre, the Holika is placed to be burned as per the legend.

2: Holika Dahan: The first day of the festival is usually gets celebrated as Holika Dahan or can term as Chotti Holi. After the sunset, people gathered around the pyre and perform the puja and then lighten it. Moreover, people sing and dance around the pyre and symbolize the victory of good over bad.

3: Playing with colors: The second day of Holi is known as Rangwali or Badi Holi. On this day people apply colors to one another, party and enjoy. The children’s and youngsters play in groups with dry colors called gulal , or pichkaris. The water balloons are filled with colored solutions and some other creative things. Besides, you might even find a group of peoples with drums and some other musical instruments. They start dancing or singing on the street and visits from one place to another.

4: The special feast: Gujiya is a special sweet and has been made in every household in India during the Holi festival. It is a dumpling filled with khoya which is a dairy product and dried fruits. One of the famous customary drinks of Holi is Thandai. It generally contains bhang. The other mouth-watering delicious foods are Gol Gappa, dal kachori , chaat pappri, and a variety of nankeen foods.

Why we play Holi with colors?

The most popular reason for celebrating Holi is Lord Krishna and Radha’s love story. When Lord Krishna was born they had an inferiority complex in their body color. And when they came to Radha they think that Radha would not talk to him due to the color difference between both of them. It was then Krishna’s mother who advised him to put the color on Radha and then they both didn’t look different at all.

The Holi festival is always celebrated in the best manner. From Kashmir to Kerala or from Gujarat to Assam, Holi is celebrated in different ways throughout the country. The red color reflects fertility; Blue symbolizes the color for Krishna, Yellow is the color of turmeric and green signifies the start of spring. Apart from this, the holi is also played with flower petals like roses, daisies, sunflowers, and even marigolds.

Sing and dance to the beat of dholak:

Dholak is a hand-drum that is being played at the celebrations like Holi. So, enjoy the celebration by either dancing in the colors or beat the dholak or sing the holi songs. Let your body move the beat while celebrating the coming of spring.

At the end of the evening when the celebration of the colors has restrained then many people like to visit their friends and families to enjoy the evening. The holi is meant to bring altogether the community so it culminates and relishing your day festivities.

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