Beauty Things to Add to Your Bucket List Before You Turn 30

The 30th birthday is a huge milestone for anyone. If you’re turning 30 soon, be it in a few weeks or a few years, there certainly are things you’ve promised yourself to accomplish before you get there. Some of the bucket list entries many people have before hitting 30 include traveling around the world, getting into a serious relationship, getting married, buying a house, learning a new language or skill, and getting their social and financial lives in order. All these are accomplishments you should aim for before hitting 30.

But there is one key item that people forget to add to their bucket lists, and that would change anyone’s life. We are talking about beauty goals before 30. 30 can be a major turning point in your life because it signifies the beginning of your peak career years, serious family life and parenthood, and escalated social responsibilities. It is always a marathon of life’s most important events from when you hit 30 to the time you retire. Furthermore, your energy starts dipping at 30… you will struggle to do the things you did so effortlessly when you were in your 20s.

There isn’t a better time to experiment with your looks than in your 20s. If you haven’t thought of the beauty-related things to try out before the big 3-0, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with our summary of 6 beauty things to add to your bucket list before you turn 30. Here you go:

1. Occasional Dresses that Make a Statement

While experimenting with makeup, and hairstyles, and maintaining a dream body is essential, let’s not forget the impact that fashion can have on your overall appearance. In your 20s, you have the freedom to explore different fashion styles, and one aspect you shouldn’t overlook is the selection of occasional dresses.

Whether it’s a cocktail party, a wedding, or a special event, having a collection of stunning occasional wear online in your wardrobe can be a game-changer. These dresses allow you to express your style, confidence, and personality on various occasions.

Consider investing in a few classic dresses, such as a little black dress for timeless elegance or a vibrant evening gown that turns heads. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different silhouettes, fabrics, and colors to find the ones that complement your body type and skin tone. A well-chosen occasional dress can make you feel like a million dollars and leave a lasting impression at any event.

Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression, and having a range of occasional dresses in your fashion arsenal can boost your confidence and help you stand out during those important moments in your life.

2. Hairstyles that are flattering, chic, and young

The beauty of being young and free is that you can experiment with new hairstyles at any time, without any long-lasting repercussions. Don’t waste your 20s with boring, old-school, and dull hair-dos. Spend these precious years experimenting with hairstyles that are flattering, chic, and young. Some of these hairstyles include:

i. The pixie style:

This versatile hairdo allows you all the room you need to inject your poise and creativity. It allows your personality to manifest itself through the hair. And for girls with broad foreheads, this hairstyle will accentuate your beauty by camouflaging your forehead’s broadness.

ii. Mid-length layers with heavy side-swept bangs:

This one is for girls who love to flaunt a bold and sassy look while still maintaining a soft and formal look. This hairstyle also has a good reputation for boosting hair volume as well as retaining hair shape and bounce.

iii. Long and layer-free:

This one is perfect for girls with broad cheeks, a round face, and mid-length curly hair that hits the shoulders.

iv. Two-tone hair color:

Why apply one color when you can give your hair more vibrancy and life by applying two colors? Spice things up by creating a dimensional look with multiple shades of the same tone or opting for a blunt contrast.

Bottom line:

You are young and vibrant… any creative hairstyle you opt for will look stylish and classy. If you see a fire hairstyle in a beauty magazine or a music video, don’t hold yourself back. Just be sure to work with professional hairstylists who have the skills and equipment needed to style your hair in a suave fashion. Before you decide on a hairstyle though, be sure to conduct your due diligence first before settling for a hairdresser. You should be the one experimenting, not the hairdresser. The hairdresser should be perfect in their art.

3. Get your dream body

t is not entirely impossible to get your dream sexy body in your 30s. However, you will have a smoother ride through your 30s if you achieve your dream body now, so all you will have to worry about in your 30s is body shape/size maintenance. Some of the sexy-body goals you may focus on in your 20s include:

i. The perfect thigh gap. You don’t have to go overboard with this one. All you need are simple squats every day to help remove unwanted thigh fat. Placing an icepack on the area for a few minutes every morning can also do the magic.

ii. If you’re not keen on achieving a thigh gap, what about going for a curvier look- a toned waist, wider hips, and bigger buttocks? There are a ton of natural solutions that you can try from home without having to invest in expensive gym memberships or personal trainers. These include side lunges with dumbbells, side leg lifts, jumping squats, and glute-bridge exercises, among others.

iii. Resolve to remove from your diet foods that are known to increase belly fat, especially junk and fast foods. Replace them with more berries, leafy greens, apples, low-fat dairy, oranges, avocadoes, broccoli, whole grains, fish, and pears in your diet.

4. Negative-space manicures

Negative space manicures are the ones with abstract, color-blocking patterns that cover only a fraction of your nails. This manicure trend has been familiar to celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner. The nail art here is as stunning and adventurous as it is crazy. Perfect for channeling your inner free spirit! If you’re in the UK then check out the nail salons in Manchester to get the perfect manicure.

5. Crazy, out-of-the-box lipstick shades

Don’t limit yourself to red, pink, and neutral lipsticks that are within the parameters of your trusted Crayola box. Lipstick shades have been on the up and up for the last decade, and so should you. So, quit playing it safe and try out crazy, trendy shades, e.g. the aqua fresh blue and the vibrant banana yellow shades.

6. Henna art

If you are bold enough to get permanent ink, go ahead and get yourself a tattoo. Tattoos have evolved over the years to be among the most adored statements of beauty and femininity.
If you aren’t keen on getting permanent ink, why not try henna tattoos on your feet, hands, or both? Henna art can either be simple patterns or intricate designs depending on your personality. Whichever your style is, you can bet on henna art being girlish, elegant, and eye-catching.

Final word

There you go! Be sure to try one of the beauty-related things on the list before your 30th birthday. It will be both rewarding and challenging for you. Any one of them will be great for making memories that last a lifetime.