8 Micro-Content Pieces- Where Content Is a Deal Breaker

8 Micro Content Pieces

The term Micro-Content may be defined as- it expresses the lot of information that answers the specific questions of customers within a couple of times. In other words, it is totally necessary for audiences.

It has been calculated that the average reader’s attention period is merely 8 seconds which is completely worse. Therefore, it signifies that a lot of people’s attention gets loosed. It might be true that long-term content plays a valuable tool in building a relationship with people.

With the help of a micro-content, one can improve their content marketing strategy. The bits, bites, promo pieces of content make a perfect way to catch the user’s attention. It connects the people and helps in enhancing the life-cycle of your content.

As such, there are numerous ways where micro-content can be used. It provides support to your content strategy. It can also be termed as small pieces of content. One can make use of this content on images, charts, quotes, GIFs, videos, etc.

Here you can take a look at 8 different types of micro-content & its marketing success:

1: Micro-Video: The upcoming future of content marketing is completely relying on videos. With the help of online video, it accounts for 90% of internet traffic. People usually prefer to watch videos as it is easier for them to watch. Also, it is less time consuming and engages people more. The introduction platform such as Vine helps the brands to connect with the customers. Today 6-10 seconds of video is shifting towards micro-video. Though the platform like Vine has been gone, now the platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are highly usable for putting videos.

2: Landing Pages: In this period of time, landing pages are often best for all the marketers. It helps the people to get focus on their offer. But this can be worse if you have contains un-focused content. These pages play like a balancing act in between the selling and sweeping. Somehow if you are a sales-driven person then you turn off more visitors. But if you are soft and friendly then you will lose sight of your own landing page’s goal. The pages that are successful can do a phenomenal job while being more benefit-driven, convincing, engaging, etc.

3: Stackable Content: Undoubtedly, audiences may make use of multiple platforms. Thus, it becomes quite harder to catch the attention of people and to retain it. As per the research, it has been estimated that the user attention period has dropped from 13-7 seconds. Hence, it becomes difficult to grab the attention of people within a short time frame. Therefore, marketers need to build strong and stackable content for its users. Also, it makes them more engaged.

4: Social Posts: Do you know that over 80% of users are using Facebook today? Still many of the business owners have seen a difficult time as they aren’t aware of the power of social media. However, the power is not the platform but its content. Let’s assume if your social posts are not so powerful or purposeful then you expect much from social media. But if you want to boost the traffic, then first generate better content for social users. So that it would be easier for them to know what your service is about. Make sure that your social post is much powerful as you thought. While making a strong micro-content you can thoroughly read the headlines, pick the words carefully, and many more. All this can help in engaging the user’s attention and produce a strong relationship with them.

5: Gifs: Graphics Interchange Format which is termed as GIF provides a new technique to present moving images. Or in other words, you can say it’s an image without having any sound. Today it has become a strong internet sensation. If you compare the photos with GIFs then without any doubt, it is more appealing and is quite engaging. These gifs are often better than videos as it takes less effort and time to create it. GIF provides excellent entertainment value and most people share it via what’s app, Instagram, or Facebook platform. You may be glad to know that GIF has crossed over millions of users who send GIF every day. That’s quite huge.

6: Case Studies: As all are familiar that content plays an integral part in the marketing channel. There is no doubt that good content makes difference when it comes to search for potential customers. A case study tends to be very thoughtful and helps in scaling your favor. With the use of a case study, one can paint a picture of their prospectus. And this usually requires strong storytelling skills. Once you have completed the storytelling part, your client’s start visualizing of doing work with you. Somehow if you do it in the right way they will start running to work with you. Content plays a huge role in building good marketing relationships with customers. But when talking about micro-content then it should be intended that it contains only the relevant information. The good marketers should be aware that micro-content matters a lot in building good marketing strategies.

7: Info-graphics: If you are looking to highlight yourself in the crowd then you need to convey the benefits of your service in an impactful way. Thus, you can choose infographics that help in increasing the web-traffic up to 15%. The people who use infographics can easily grab the attention and retain the engagement of users. In a survey, approximately 40% of the marketers believe that infographics help in driving more engagement.

8: Ad Copy: To selling or promoting your product or service the marketers need to get 130 characters of content. Apart from it, one can make their ads engaging only if their ads stand among the other ongoing ads. It’s quite difficult that you need to do it in 130 characters. Also, it cannot probably be thought off in such away. But you need to consider that ad copy is critical for the success of various ad campaigns. This evolves Adwords, Facebook, and LinkedIn.