How do you do Christmas differently?

Christmas day is the holiday filled with Joy, good cheer, decorations, and spending time with families. Whether you are celebrating a secular or some religious festival, Christmas is a day of spreading fun, love, and happiness.

So, how do you do Christmas differently?

For celebrating Christmas you need to decorate your home and do the things in the right spirit. Enjoy Christmas traditions with your family and friends and give your special time to others.

This day has been celebrated in the memory of Jesus that represents the “Hope of Mankind”. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. On this day people seem to be happy and are more inclined to say hello and wish you well.

Here are some tips of celebrating Christmas differently in a traditional way:

1: Put a Christmas tree and decorate it: For decorating your home on Christmas day you can choose either a live tree or an artificial one. Afterward, you can string the light on each tree by moving from the bottom to the top. Wrap each light around each branch of the tree. Add garlands to the tree-like tinsel, popcorn and bind it to the tree. You can also make use of Christmas balls, stars, or any small trinket. Thus, for finishing the tree, place a tree topper at the tip with an angel or some stars.

2: Hang Stockings over mantle: Usually, most of the kids love to hang their socks over to the mantle. So for giving it a unique look you can decorate or fill it with some coins, foods, etc. Now, the stockings look more fascinating so hang it over the mantle of Santa and leave the toys and gifts beside it. However, if you don’t have mantles then hang them to some television console or stair railing. But it should be placed near the Christmas tree.

3: Brighten your home with Christmas lamp: Try to decorate the lining of your house with more lights. You can also thread them through bushes and place them around the trees. Hang the lights around your terrace or make a boundary around the yard. You can try to install them on the mantle or across the bookshelves or near the length of a wall. Also, you can wrap them around a handrail or some fake evergreen garland.

4: Add nativity sign-on Religious Christmas: As you all are familiar that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus. So nativity signs give traditional look. This sign depicts the birth of Jesus, including Mary the 3 men, shepherds, and the animals. All these were the attendance.

5: Make decoration around your home: There is no need to spend extra money on decorating your home for Christmas. You can make it with your own paper snowflakes. Try to create paper chains and green paper or string the garlands out of cranberries. You can also collect the evergreen branches and place them around your home. The oranges are often associated with Christmas so place it in a bowl. Moreover, you can even stud them with cloves to make pomanders.

6: Choose Different Main course: Now it’s the time for speaking about the dishes that you usually eat for Christmas dinner. Most people enjoy loving the main dish including turkey, goose, or ham. So, if you are not willing to organize the entire cultural dish then there are various varieties. The possibilities are endless and have been only limited by your imagination. So think differently about how to make this Christmas more special.

7: Give handmade gifts: Finally, it’s the time to distribute the gifts among the people. The main idea is not to give huge gifts but the cute little things that have been made with your own hands. Try to give those gifts that put them into thought and mention that they are precious in their own way. While providing iPads and Xboxes becomes the thing of the past and of course, they are much easier on your wallet too. Give this Christmas unique and creative gift like you give the birthday gifts to person whom you love and capture the memories forever.

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