Advantages and Disadvantages of Working From Home

Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

Today, the way we are living our lives has been changed drastically over the past few years. More and more people are being put into situations where they have to do work from home. This concept of working from home has changed the way corporate world work.

But as the world starts to reopen some people are heading back towards the office and many businesses and employees are alike left with an important question should we continue doing work from home or not?

With the increase in Wi-Fi and cloud software, the systems have been contributed to make working from home and these are more accessible for about anyone who is not involved in manual labor.

However, there are several advantages of working from HomeBut also, it cannot be denied that there are some disadvantages of working from home for both the individual employees and larger businesses alike.

Here in this article, we will tell you both advantages and Disadvantages of working from home

Advantages of Working from Home

When working from home means that you are saving on many hidden costs i.e. associated with going to work and these include costs of commuting, car wear, and tear, fuel, road taxes, parking as well as indirect costs such as an expensive professional. Thus, you can give a deep focus on the demands of the job. If you want to know What are the benefits of work from home then continue reading further and see some of the best advantages of doing work from home.

1: It increases Productivity and Motivation among employees

Most of the reports have found that the employees feel that they have more freedom when working from home and thus it results in increased productivity and motivation.

Increases productivity and motivation

Also, there are fewer interruptions at home and especially the office space where you work or you have a plan to set up. When you have a more peaceful atmosphere at home then it means that you can easily manage to get your work done without getting distracted.

On the other end, motivation also helps in increasing the energy level of your work and in this way, you started perform doing your job in a better way.

2: Financially Beneficial

As per the business point of view, when you start moving to a remote working area then it is extremely financially beneficial. Also, your business will no longer have to pay for office space or electricity bills, it cuts down all the costs in a great manner.

Financially Beneficial

When the employees are in a charge of their own office space then you could even sell your desks or office chairs and then keep your transition as smooth as possible.

Of course, when doing work from home is not only economical for the employer but the reduction of traveling time as well as costs is also beneficial for employees.

3: Flexibility

The term Flexibility doesn’t only relate to timings but it although represents to determine your working hours to some extent and this is the most important aspect of this.


Apart from this, you can also determine your environment, lighting, temperature, setting, mood. Thus, it usually works in the framework that suits you best and it also makes you happiest as well as more productive.

Moreover, there will be no rush to visit the office on time. You can get up early in the morning and started doing your work. Besides it, this keeps your health in shape and also there are many Health Benefits of work from home as it keeps you energetic all the time and you won’t feel lazy.

4: Less Stress

The stress usually gets high when you are in a rush and you get stuck in a traffic jam. Due to this reason, you sometimes reach late to the office and thus it can make you exhausted and worn before you begin your day in the office.

Less Stress - Advantages of working from home

It is especially true where the workplace is far away from your home. Some other stress often included un-friendly co-workers, a bad work environment, and constant distractions.

5: Better Health

Often time the long commutes from anywhere take 1-3 hours a day for entering and leaving from the office. So, it gives trouble to both your mental and physical health and thus it gets adversely impacted.

Better Health - Advantages of working from home

When you go to your office to do your work then it makes you feel tired and thus it drains your energy. Therefore, working from home helps in saving your time and it also enables you to resume physical exercise as well as you need to take care of your general physical and mental well-being.

When doing work from home you better take care of yourself and pay serious attention to your health and remain lean and fit.

6: Complete your work with ease

Well, you can organize both the time and tasks according to your personal wishes as well as needs. However, if you better perform the tasks in the evening then you can stay until the late evening and then wake up whenever you want.

Complete your work with ease

On the other end, if you are more productive in the morning, then you can start your workday earlier and while working from home you may not only plan for your work schedule but also on a holiday or free schedule.

However, if you feel bad then you have to pretend and suffer and you just need to take a break and lay down on the couch. For some people this might seems to be a safer place to work and, in this way, they feel more comfortable and creative too. Especially, this kind of work is advantageous when you are planning to do work from home.

7: Place Flexibility

When working from home it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are working directly from home. Your workplace practically can be anywhere it can be either a coffee shop, your favorite park, or somewhere on the beach on the seaside.

Place Flexibility

Thus, it is up to you where you have found the most suitable place for doing your work. However, if you have chosen to create a stable workplace at home then you can do your work at home much easier.

Now, you might think that Does working from home has more advantages or more disadvantages? Well, we have talked about its advantages not let’s get into some of its Disadvantages:

Disadvantages of Working from Home

1: Isolation

Oftentimes, the professionals who are working from home complain of isolation as well as loneliness i.e. given to their removal from their bosses and co-workers. Thus, it can very depress for some people.

Isolation - disadvantages of working from home

As the workplace provides you a location where you can meet people and make friends with many professionals. When working from home you have to be more creative and resourceful in getting to know the people and staying in touch with your colleagues.

2: Distractions

However, office distractions can be get avoided by working at home. But different distractions may also get arise. For example, interruptions from children, work, neighbors, friends, family.


Sometimes it might be very disruptive and special efforts must be made to make it known that you are actually working and you are unavailable for interruption within your working hours despite your physical presence at home.

3: Difficulty in Separating Home from Work

It is quite obvious that the temptation to engage in household matters happens a lot. Since you are working from home then you will get distracted from your work. Sometimes you might start feeling obliged to clean the home stuff, do the shopping, taking care of a child, cooking meals, home financing, and socializing yourself.

Difficulty in separating home from work

All these things take place when you are working from home. Therefore, it is essential to draw a line between your homework and your office work so that you can avoid both areas suffering.

4: Difficulty in Concentrating on Work

One of the major factors that most people face while working from home is that they find it difficult to concentrate on work and they constantly get distracted one way or the other.

Difficulty in concentrating on work

However, the family is just one factor that breaks your concentration when working from home and this includes noise from family or neighborhood. All these activities distract employees from doing their work. Sometimes you look outside the window and observing the beautiful view of the backyard where the children are playing.

Besides, these regular distractions like background music, noise there are also people at home who announced that they are going outside and you get alone at your home. Sometimes it is hard to accept the fact that you are actually working at home and not just sitting in front of your computer.

There are also some of the usual factors like the doorbell, random telephone calls, and children watching TV in the next room. Thus, it keeps on breaking your concentration and distracts you from your work.

5: Lack of Equipment

There are nearly 33% of the people who do work from home and also don’t have the necessary access to office equipment such as high-speed internet, fax/copier machine, or a high-end laptop which also adds to their distress while working from home. Thus, they have a hard time replicating their work environment at home.

Lack of equipment - disadvantages of working from home

6: Access to Documents

When not having access to the necessary home equipment you might face many problems as you don’t have constant access to documents that you need while working. Today, there are the majority of documents that have virtual access of soft copy and an employee can easily access it.

Access to documents

Also, most people still prefer to keep access to sensitive company documents paper-only or they want to make sure that it is safe on virtual or electronic formats. Hence, it can be easily kept on a Virtual Private Network or secure cloud access that can be easily accessed via registered office computers.

7: Low Reliability and Retention

When a team is doing work from home and if you have suddenly removed the presence of an authority figure or manager then it might be possible that this can be turned into catastrophic as there are few people who either work or don’t work or don’t let others do work.

Low reliability and retention

Most of the time it has been seen that you lose work and you have to pay people as the people work for you and you cannot finish your work on time or you have missed the deadline.

When your team is not given work on time or submitting their substandard work then you lose your client’s trust. Also, your client thinks that you are not reliable and not suitable for doing this job. Hence, they retain you for any of your future projects.

8: Loss of Productivity

The major disadvantage of doing work from home is a loss of productivity as most people tend to get distracted by the comforts that they get at home.

Loss of productivity

These include the things like the temptation of taking mid-day naps or even taking breaks by watching YouTube, Netflix or playing virtual games, or even spending some time on your smartphone.

Thus, it decreases one’s productivity and leaves the work at the mercy of them and not giving them 100% on your work and just trying to rush by your work at the last minute.

9: Easy to Stagnate

Whenever you work outside from your own home then it is obvious that each day brings more experiences in your daily work activity. So, either it is an interesting view on your commute that sometimes a conversation can change your perspective.

Easy to stagnate

Also, there will be little differences in your day that help you stop getting into a rut. However, if you don’t work from home then you need to make sure that you get up and see the outside world and spend some time with your family.

10: Harder to Accommodate Clients and Employees

One of the biggest disadvantages to home office work is that it can be more restrictive if you work with clients and employees. When you first go self-employed then you may not want to take any employees but meeting with clients is usually important for your business.

Harder to accommodate clients and employees

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