Amazon Assessment Test: What to Expect and How to Pass Your Online Assessment

Amazon Assessment Test What to Expect and How to Pass Your Online Assessment

Amazon is one of the leading tech giants of the globe today. The company is operated by over 14,00,000 experts in more than 10 different domains. It is undoubtedly on the top of the “dream companies” List for various professionals. 

If you are one of the thousands of people who wish to join this global giant, this is the right article for you. 

Amazon hires selective candidates based on their skills, attitude, knowledge, education, and other factors.  

The initial stage of this interview is the online assessment for which you can consider their practice tests and assessments in he form of mock tests. Apart from the usual Amazon mock tests, you can also consider tcs NQT exam questions to prepare for this exam.

In this article, we will discuss how the online assessment at Amazon is constructed along with some useful tips for you to succeed at this test. 

Before moving ahead, let’s understand the exam pattern of this online exam caegory in detail. 

Exam Pattern for Online Assessment

Did you know?

About 50-80% of candidates are filtered after this segment of the interview. 

This reflects that the only trick that will help you get through this segment is practice. To make sure that you are preparing well, you need to understand the exam pattern in detail. 

Following are the segments you will find in your Amazon Assessment Test:

  • Numerical Reasoning tests: Amazon examines how well you are with numbers. From analyzing your performance in the fundamentals of math to observing your problem-solving skills through reasoning questions, This section will cover it all. Make sure you brush up on your fundamental knowledge of the mathematical concepts in detail before attempting this particular set of questions. 
  • Verbal Reasoning tests: Verbal reasoning is all you need to boost your chances of passing this test. You will get various questions based on grammar, English language rules, concepts, and others. You can easily crack this segment of your test with the help of your communication skills. 
  • Logical Reasoning tests: The final segment of this test will examine how you respond to various logical concepts. Topics such as coding-decoding, blood relations, etc. Are asked during this segment. You need to practice your skills and attempt several problems to get a hold of these questions. 

Although the exam pattern is quite clear for you, it is equally important to take a glance at the different types of questions asked during this test. 

Types of Questions in Amazon Online Assessment

By the exam pattern you must have understood the basic categories of questions asked during the Amazon online Assessment but this sections will focus on the details of this segment. Following are the types of questions asked during the Amazon online assessment with sample questions:

  • Verbal Ability: These questions are used to evaluate your skills in the English Language in general. You will find omissions, editing, error detection, passage, and such questions in this segment of the interview
  • Logical Reasoning: Under this section, you will find the questions related to logical concepts. You will have to solve questions related to series and sequences, cubes, decoding coding, and such concepts. Practice well for this round as it may have some typical questions as well
  • Numerical Ability: You will find a set of questions based on mathematical concepts in this segment. Concepts like upstream, downstream, directions, and others will be found in this section of the interview. 
  • Coding Questions: Sometimes, the online assessment may come with different coding questions as well. Although these questions are quite simple to resolve, you must pay attention to details to resolve them. 
  • General Awareness: Although there is no specific section devoted to this domain, you will find different general awareness questions throughout your online assessment at Amazon. Make sure you go through the current affairs in detail as well. 

Apart from learning the concepts, you must keep a few things on the top of your mind to crack Amazon’s online assessment easily. We have enlisted a few tricks to help you crack this assessment. 

Tips to Crack Amazon Online Assessment

Amazon tests are not an easy nut to crack. However, with the right technique and preparations, you can succeed at these tests conveniently. 

Following are some of the tips that will help you increase your chances of clearing your online assessment in one go:

1. Understand the Pattern

Understanding the pattern of this assessment will help you determine what you are getting into before actually appearing for the test. It will also help you to determine the difficulty level and how to prepare for the test segments accordingly. 

2. Problem Framing

Gaining knowledge about how the problems are framed for a particular exam is quite important. Doing so will help you determine the difficulty level of questions asked during the whole assessment. You can also observe various practical applications and analyze which are the concepts that you can use to resolve such problems. 

3. Time Management

While attempting different questions, you might find the Amazon assessment to be quite lengthy. However, if you follow simple tricks and manage your time according to the available questions, you can easily score well in this round. Also, keep an eye on the time slots allotted for specific rounds and try to attempt the questions accordingly. 

4. Skill Advancement

While analyzing the practical assessments at Amazon, make sure you develop various skills it requires. You can observe the specific topics, subjects, and other technical skills to get selected. For example, you may be highly skilled in coding concepts and technical domains, yet do not know the exact skills that Amazon requires. In such cases, you can upgrade your skills according to the market demand to join the expert teams at Amazon. 

Winding Up

While preparing for the Amazon assessment test, you can seek help from other competitive exams as well. TCS nqt exam questions can also help you determine the difficulty level as well as the pattern of formation for Amazon questions in detail. 

After all, with the right technique and a stable mindset, you can crack every assessment with excellence.

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