Important Aspects Related to CSS Animations

Important Aspects Related to CSS Animations

What are CSS Animations?

Animation is something that is referred to as a change of element in terms of another element or from one style to another style depending on various situations. 

There are various options for you to change the animations and various aspects related to them. As you can change as many CSS properties you wish to change or as per the requirements of different aspects provided with that you can change the animations as many times you want to. You can also submit guest post education that helps in better growth of both your technical as well as the general knowledge.

It is also said that you must make use of the CSS animations. As you must first specify some of the basic keyframes for the animation. Keyframes are the basic requirements for the CSS animations and also these keyframes hold the various aspects related to them which is what styles the element will have at various points in time.

Using CSS animations

CSS animations make things possible which helps in various transitions from one style to another. To be very specific, animation transitions help in going from one of the CSS style configurations to another configuration. Animations consist of two major components which help you know the better usage of the CSS animations. The two components are a style that hel[ps in describing the CSS animation and the other is the set of keyframes that helps in indicating the start and further the end states of the animation’s style.

Traditionally script-driven animations were used which were surely hard to use and also took a lot of time for the same. It is also seen that advancements in different tools and technologies also lead to advancement in terms of animations. Nowadays CSS animations are used which helps in easier understanding of the different concepts, they’re easy to use for animations that are simple to use. Also, you can create various types of CSS animations without even knowing the Javascript. 

CSS Animation Properties

There are various properties that are used in terms of CSS animations. These properties help in various aspects leading towards a better 

  1. Keyframes
  2. Animation
  3. Animation-delay
  4. Animation-direction
  5. Animation-duration
  6. Animation-fill-mode
  7. Animation-iteration-count
  8. Animation-name
  9. Animation-play-state
  10. Animation-timing-function

Run Animation in Reverse Direction or Alternate Cycles

The animation-direction property is the needful property in terms of CSS animations that solely help in various functionalities as it specifies whether an animation should be played forwards, backward, or in alternate cycles depending on the design and other needful aspects. The animation-direction property can have different values which are specified below for your reference. 

  1. Normal – The animation is played as normal that is basically in the forward direction. This is the default functionality.
  2. Reverse – As the name suggests this type of animation is played in the reverse direction that is the backward direction.
  3. Alternate – The animation is played forwards first, then backward. This process works alternatively.
  4. Alternate-reverse – This type of animation is little reverse from the alternate one that is this animation is played backward first, then in the forward direction.