Top 4 Best Newspapers

Top 4 Best Newspapers


Newspapers have a big impact on democracy in India. Newspaper printing in India has a lengthy and illustrious history that dates to the 18th century. Nowadays, the nation publishes more than 100,000 newspapers in more than 100 different languages. Newspapers are fundamentally providers of public information and are crucial in influencing public opinion. 

List of Best Newspapers

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Some of the best newspapers are- 

1. The Indian Express

The Indian Express, one of the first English-language newspapers in India, was established by Ramnath Goenka in 1932. It is currently published in 22 Indian cities, primarily in the South. According to the Indian Readership Survey, it ranked third among English-language daily publications in the nation and lists Mumbai as its headquarters. This newspaper has some really good editorials. Less advertising means less distraction when using IE. This publication loves journalism and never backs down from taking a position on matters that concern the average person. Their Sunday Express establishes a standard that other publications don’t. 

2. Mint

The HT Media media company, situated in Delhi and owned by the KK Birla family, publishes the daily financial newspaper Mint in India. It primarily appeals to business executives and decision-makers as readers. Since 2007, it has been in use. It is the first newspaper to be published in Berlin format in India (a newspaper format with pages normally measuring about 315 by 470 millimetres). The editorial in Mint stresses free markets, free labour, and free society. Its editorial pages generally favour economic freedom and an unrestricted economy, but they also leave room for social programmes that address particularly egregious inequalities. The content is of the highest calibre, in-depth, and frequently contains a variety of case studies, graphical analysis, and technical data. 

3. The Hindu

Businessmen, political experts, and students preparing for competitive examinations make up the majority of The Hindu’s audience. “No nonsense news” is a guideline upheld by The Hindu. The newspaper contains news on important topics such as government committees, flagship programmes, Supreme Court rulings, government policies, and global agenda. The editorial page covers important news in-depth and provides you with a better perspective. The editorial page’s leading article features important news that has been covered and examined by some well-known intellectuals. Even the caricature in the editorial page’s centre sends a strong message. 

4. The Telegraph 

From its founding and ongoing publication in Kolkata on July 7, 1982, The Telegraph is a daily newspaper in English written for readers in India. The ABP Group publishes it, and The Times of India is its main rival.  The Bhubaneshwar & Patna Editions were last printed on December 14 by The Telegraph. News stories covering international, national, eastern, business, metro, opinions, the entertainment business, and sports are included on 18 pages.

The Bottom Line

One of the biggest newspaper industries in the world is in India. India has more than 42 crores and over 100,000 daily newspapers. As of 2019, 50 lakh individuals routinely read newspapers in the nation. With a yearly revenue of over $200,000 crores, the industry employs over 10 lakh people. With local and regional newspapers serving more than 80% of the market, the sector is severely fragmented.

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