Best Places To Visit in India in March

Best Places to Visit in India in March

March is one of the most wonderful months to explore India. This is because; it is the beginning of amazing weather that proceeds the summer season and people start searching for the best places to visit in India in March.

During this season, nature reveals its beauty in a more charming and captivating form. Indians also celebrate different kinds of festivals.

This makes many foreign tourists pack their bags and search for the best places to visit in India in March. They head over to those places to create a lifetime memory with their friends and family.

The citizens of India are also not left behind; many take some time off from work to spend time with their loved ones during this season.

March marks the beginning of a new dawn as the weather is favorable in most parts of the country. And with the pleasant weather, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of travelers in the country.

March is one of the best months to go for a vacation within India. If you are the type that loves water sport, ancient architectural design, and many more, this is a great time to make your dream come through.

Many honeymoon destinations are also available for a newly married couple in March. Holiday destinations in India for March often include visiting places filled with hills, heritage sites, temples, beaches, and many more.

The month is also the best Month for sightseeing in the country. Therefore, you can opt for the Golden Triangle tour if you are going for a family vacation with your kids.

The Golden Triangle consists of three cities in India including Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. The three cities are all endowed with great ancient architectural structures and they all represent a great history of India.

Visiting these places will help you and your family understand and see the heritage and culture of the country. Going for a vacation in India also allows you to enjoy the Holi festival. And you can opt for any tour packages to enjoy the Holi festival in India.

North India also has many beautiful hill stations you can visit. You can also go to the Yoga Festival in Rishikesh. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most exciting holiday destinations in India for March.

Let’s Read About Best Places to Visit in India in March


Do you love nature? Or the sight of hills makes you marvel? Then this town is for you. Ooty is a town in South India filled with hills and it is also known as the Queen of Hills.

Ooty - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

Filled with exotic tea gardens, the captivating flora, and a spice garden, Ooty remains one of the best places to visit in India in March in 2021. The town has incredible weather because it’s a hill station. Its scenic beauty makes visitors come back every time.

Although the town is a perfect vacation spot throughout the year, the best time to visit and enjoy the town is from March to October. Ooty has attractive lakes, and lush green valleys, which make it a perfect place to relax, refresh and enjoy nature.


Wayanad is a district in Kerala that embodies the Chembra Peak, one of the mountains in Kerala India and it is one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats. The district has captivating waterfalls and ancient caves with resorts for visitors. Its exotic wildlife and the smell of different spices welcome you to the amazing district.

Wayanad - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

Wayanad’s closeness to the Western Ghats makes it home for many wildlife animals and the district also has different varieties of flora, fauna, and spice plantation.

The district has a cool climate all through the year which makes it a perfect place to visit in south India.

Velas Village

Velas is a fishing village in Ratnagiri known for celebrating the turtle festival. The villagers built many houses on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

The beaches in Velas are very amusing, and people visit the place throughout the year. But the month of March is the best time to watch the little hatchlings struggling to come out of the nest and enters the water.

With the sun shining, you can also watch as the little hatchling takes its first steps while entering the Arabian Sea. This amusing moment and the relaxing feeling of the sea make Velas one of the best places to visit in India in March.


Visiting Goa is one of the smartest ways to spend your March.

Is March best time to visit Goa?

Although the best time to visit Goa is the winter months, March is still a good time to visit Goa. No doubt the weather is hot in March but it is not too hot.

From its serene beach, waterfall, amazing fort, the list is countless. Its soothing climate makes it perfect for a family getaway. You can also witness the Shigmo, one of the biggest Hindu festivals in the state.

Goa - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

The festival is celebrated for fourteen days in the month of Phalguna, according to the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated with different kinds of dance in every part of Goa.

March is the perfect month to visit Goa if you don’t enjoy being around many crowds on the beach. Hotels in Goa are also cheaper during this period because of the lesser number of tourists visiting the area.

Live the Goan life you’ve been dreaming for this March and enjoy the cool and gorgeous sites of the beach.


Looking for a place to visit this March? Gangtok is the perfect place to relax and stay away from the burning heat of the plains. Gangtok has a temperature below twenty-five degrees Celsius between March and June which makes it a great place to send your spring.

Gangtok - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

The city is a hill station located in Sikkim and known for its soothing and pleasant climate. March is an excellent time to explore this city since tourists are only allowed for a short period during the summer.

Explore the waterfall, climb the hills with the help of the natives, visit the flora and fauna and create a lifetime memory for yourself.

The city’s exquisite landscape is perfect for taking pictures and capturing the amazing view of this beautiful city. The Himalaya Zoological Park is also the place to see your dream animals.


Munnar is a pleasant hill station in the Western Ghats. Its beautiful tea garden, wildlife, lakes, and outstanding weather makes it stand out from other cities. Munnar’s lush green valley, spice plantation, and climate turning cool in the spring season make it one of the best places to visit in India in March.

Munnar- Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

Munnar also leaves an aroma of delight in its visitor’s minds and its tea museum makes tourists, and nature lovers want to visit the place over and over.


Do you love Punjabi food? Or want to know more about Punjabi heritage and culture? Then Amritsar is the best destination for you this March.

Amritsar - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

This iconic city in Punjab homes the Golden Temple which is one of the beautiful wonders of India. The people in the city start their day with a spiritual prayer from Gurudwaras.

Tourists visit this iconic and sacred temple throughout the year. The month of March starts with relief from the harsh winter weather which makes it a perfect time to visit the Golden Temple.

Amritsar is also famous for welcoming food lovers to eat different Punjabi Cuisine. Its lip-smacking food will lure you to come back for more.


Located in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi is popularly known as the Spiritual capital of India. It is one of the oldest habituated cities renowned for having the popular Kashi Vishwanath Temple, a sacred temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Varanasi - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

The city is known for its deep culture, religion, and history. The streets close to the temple are very colorful and busy.

People visit Varanasi all through the year to bathe in the sacred water of the Ganga. This is done to wash away their lifetime sin and also perform cremation of their loved ones.

One of the things that also attract tourists to the city is its delicious food. Eat Kachori Sabzi for breakfast, have some Choora Matar in the afternoon, and end your day with some baati Chokha.

Having a boat ride during March in the city will help you create amazing memories. Walking along the Ghats will help you see the beauty of this mystique city. Prepare yourself to visit the heart of the Hindu universe and the most exciting, and unforgettable city to be in.


Where can I find snow in March in India?

If you are looking to go to a snowy destination, then Mcleodganj is your destination. It is also known as little Lhasa. It is a suburb in the Kangra district. Mcleodganj is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. It also takes your mind away from the chaos of the city.

Mcleodganj - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

The suburb’s beautiful view and unpolluted air make it a perfect vacation destination to visit this March. The panoramic view of the suburb landscape makes it a major attraction for many tourists.

The traditional food and culture of Mcleodganj make the place exciting while touring this incredible suburb.


Gokarna is a town located on the Arabian Sea in Karnataka. The city is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations for Hindus. The temple and beach in the town attract a large number of tourists.

Gokarna - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

The temple in the town is often crowded during the festivals of Maha Shivratri and Kartikeya. This makes March the perfect time for visiting the town as the crowd is lesser during this period.


Do you love freshly harvested strawberries, gooseberry, mulberry, and other famous berries? Do not go anywhere other than Mahabaleshwar. The city is a hill station in the Sahara district of the state of Maharashtra.

Mahabaleshwar - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

Its pleasant strawberry farms, dense forest, and waterfalls give it pleasant weather throughout the year. It is blessed with a shining landscape and is filled with lush greenery all around.

Take a walk through the city and have a taste of its pleasant strawberries and freshly made foods. Mahabaleshwar’s majestic valleys, rivers, and ancient temples make it the best place to visit in India in March.


Are you looking for a new destination to visit in March? Chikmagalur, a city in Karnataka is the best place to visit because of its amazing wildlife, waterfalls, and National parks.

Chikmagalur - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

The city is now gaining more attention from tourists and Indian citizens because of its exceptional hills, beautiful valley, and stunning beauty of the place.

Take a walk through the extravagant coffee plantation of the city. Buy a freshly prepared cup of coffee from the locals as you glimpse through the stunning nature of the city of Chikmagalur.


Nainital is one of the best Snowy Honeymoon Destinations in India. Located in the state of Uttarakhand, Nainital is also known as the Jewel of the state and an exotic place to be. Nainital has amazing lakes which are surrounded by hills.

Nainital - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

The lakes are good for enjoying and refreshing your mind from the stress of the city. The enchanting beauty of Nainital and the adventurous boat ride are some of the amazing moments to capture and cherish. It is the best place to visit with family in March in India.

Nainital market is great for shopping and walking through the mall road by the lakes keeps you calm.


March is the best time for you to visit the Queens of hills in India. Darjeeling is a hill town in West Bengal state and has gained popularity over the years because of its incredible climate and amazing cuisine.

Darjeeling - Best Places To Visit In India in March
Best Places To Visit In India in March

Darjeeling is famous for its sacred temples, hills, and Himalayan Railways. Take your loved ones on a ride on the Batasia loop in Darjeeling. There are also toy trains if you are scared of entering the real one.

Meditate at the Japanese Temple which is built among the hills in the city. The Peace Pagoda temple is also a place to visit in the city if you want to be on the spiritual side.

Barbotey rock garden is also a pleasant place to enjoy the climate of the city. There are rock surfaces in the garden where you can sit and have fun with your loved ones.

The nightingale park is a must to visit and you can also scroll through Nehru road to buy a gift for your friends and family. Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park is also great for adventure if you are an animal lover.

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