How to Organize Your Closet in 4 Simple Steps!

How to Organize Your Closet in 4 Simple Steps!

No matter the size of your closet, the quantity of clothes, or how messy it is, I’ll help you get it organised so you look at your closet with excitement rather than dread!  

The following organising tips substantially deal with clothes. We previously covered dress matching and apparel in a separate post otherwise, this post would be interminable. Click on the link to find out. Or share your tips with us on the category Write for Us Beauty and Fashion on our email 

The first step in organising is drawing out the particulars that are simply taking up space. So many of us have trouble getting rid of things because we feel that we will wear them eventually in the future. 

Find an empty area & take everything out of your closet.  

You’ll take everything out of your closet and those clothes need to go, so find an empty area where you’ll put them. However, like stuffing everything that we don’t want to see in the closet!

If you really want to know how to organise your closet, you’re going to have to get rid of some bad habits. 

Sort your clothes by season. 

Separate all of your clothes into different piles based on the season. This includes coats, sweaters, dresses, frocks, skirts, etc. All of your apparel needs to be sorted so it’s easier to get through. 

Before you really get into the stir of separating your clothes, some particulars can be delicate to sort. like cardigans or jeans. When separating your clothes into downtime, spring, summer, or fall, remember when you typically wear the pieces. 

Create three distinct areas for keep, toss, and possibly  

Once separated into spring, summer, fall, and winter, find boxes or trash bags and make an area for each part of the clothes. 

You need to have these areas prepared because once you start choosing what stays and what goes, you want to have an area to place everything. So make sure you have a designated area for each of the three orders. 

Put everything back in your closet in an organised way.  

Once you get rid of the particulars you no longer want, there are numerous ways you can organise your clothes. The way you organise your closet really depends on your situation and preferences. 

Simply arrange your closet based on your life and make sure the space you have can accommodate it all. That’s the smart way to organise your closet. 

However, leggings, belts, If your closet doesn’t fit everything, look for storage options for particulars like scarves. Most of the time, it’s the little effects that are hard to organise and that make your closet look messy.

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