Education Wise: The Top 8 Best Schools in Bangalore

Education Wise The Top 8 Best Schools in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city with a definition of advancement in every field. That’s why here you will get the list of the top 8 schools that continuously provide advancement and enhancement in education in Bangalore. At The Noicy you can submit guest posts on education to express your points about the education or current education system. 

Inventure Academy

Inventure Academy was founded in 2005 and is renowned for its dedication to helping students reach their full potential by fostering in them the ability and conviction. Being a socially conscious school, it equips pupils for success wherever in the globe. 

As a member of the global Round Square network of educational institutions, Inventure Academy offers a curriculum designed to help students achieve academic success and beyond.

National Public School, Indiranagar

Founded in 1982, National Public School (NPS), Indiranagar is a coeducational school in Bangalore that is well-known for its excellent instruction. The school is committed to fostering an inventive and caring atmosphere where children can grow in their social and creative capacities. For the primary grades, the school uses the Montessori curriculum; for grades 1 through 12, it uses the CBSE curriculum.

Greenwood High School

Greenwood High School offers ICSE, IGCSE, and IB curricula to students in Pre-Primary through Grade 12. The school has two locations: the pre-school is in Koramangala, while the high school is on Sarjapur Road. 

The institution offers an atmosphere that encourages pupils to fully realise their potential. Because of its unique blend of cutting-edge teaching techniques and conventional teaching methods, Greenwood High School is a fantastic option for students in Bangalore.

Presidency School

One of Bangalore’s best schools, Presidency School was founded in the academic year 2006–2007 and is a member of the esteemed Presidency Group of Institutions, which has been around for 41 years. 

Presidency School’s goal is to develop a welcoming and stimulating learning environment for all students by implementing cutting-edge teaching strategies that bring out the best in each individual.

The International School Bangalore

Dr. K P Gopalkrishna launched The International School Bangalore (TISB) in 2000, providing its pupils with an exceptional and enriched educational experience. TISB is renowned for offering an all-encompassing education that combines rigorous academic standards with conventional values and an advanced, global perspective. 

This elevates the school’s reputation in Bangalore. The goal and vision of the school place a strong emphasis on encouraging and pushing each student to reach their greatest potential.

Delhi Public School, South Bangalore

Under the auspices of K K Educational and Charitable Trust and The DPS Society, New Delhi, Delhi Public School, South Bangalore was founded in 2001. Due to its all-encompassing approach to education, the school is now regarded as one of Bangalore’s best. 

The inclusive curriculum at DPS South Bangalore includes academic excellence, skill development, and values to improve character, dynamism, intellectual capacity, and versatility.

Mallya Aditi International School

Since its founding in 1984, Bangalore’s Mallya Aditi International School has been a highly good institution offering top-notch instruction. The school offers a worldwide education system that emphasises academic performance, positive social values, creative freedom, and self-discovery. 

It is home to roughly 700 students from ten different nationalities. The internationally skilled faculty of Mallya Aditi uses instructional strategies that push students to think critically, challenge established notions, test theories, and use analytical reasoning.

The HDFC School, Bangalore

The HDFC School distinguishes itself as one of the top CBSE schools in Bangalore because of its distinctive approach to education. Here, education is about more than just memorising facts from textbooks; it’s about kindling children’s minds and assisting them in becoming self-assured, imaginative adults. 

The school provides a variety of opportunities for kids to explore, discover, and learn new things in a way that best meets their unique requirements since it understands that every child learns differently.