Who is Good Captain for Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma or Hardik Pandya

Who is Good Captain for Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma or Hardik Pandya

There is no doubt that Rohit Sharma is the best team leader for Mumbai Indians. But after the defeat of India in the World Cup and the bad performance of Mumbai Indians in IPL over the past three years are the big reasons for the replacement of Rohit Sharma with Hardik Pandya. 

Mumbai Indians fans definitely get disappointed after the announcement of Hardik Pandya as the new captain of MI (Mumbai Indians). Everyone saw the first match between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans, the output of this match became zero and the way Hardik showed his Captaincy power had a negative impact on MI fans. 

Everyone chants of looser after seeing Hardik Pandya’s arrogant behaviour towards his team, especially Rohit Sharma. Mumbai Indians still support Rohit Sharma and want to boycott Hardik Pandya from the Mumbai Indians team.

So now there is no discussion leftover who is the best captain, of course, it’s everyone’s favourite Rohit Sharma. Now watch ahead what should happen in the upcoming matches of Mumbai Indians and how Hardik Pandya deals with all this hate.