How to impress a girl on social media?

How to impress a girl on social media

Well, if you are using social media then you should also be using it to attracting girls. Today, social media has become a great tool for How to impress a girl on social mediaIt also allows you to meet and attract women that you might even meet otherwise.

Like the other form of meeting for attracting women, some small twists can help you to go beyond the basic skills and it also levels up your charm.

Here is how you can impress a girl on social media:

If you want to know the best ways, how do you start a conversation with a girl on social media then read the following things that help you in impressing a girl? Here we have created and built real attraction with women online.

When you make use of social media in the right way then it can help in stimulating the attraction of women and thus builds your trust among them. Indeed, social media is not only a way to build attraction but it helps in avoid killing attraction altogether.

How to impress a girl on social media?

1: Use your photos in the right way:

When trying to impress a girl you need to remember that you should only post your best photos. When you are looking How to impress a girl with chatting or how to attract girls then you have the pictures that make you look like a real man.

Use your photos in the right way - how to impress a girl on social media

Like for example, you can click photos when you are been surrounded by a group of awesome dudes. You can click the pictures of yourself when you travel or explore new places or when you do some exciting things.

All these are the best ways for using your social media pictures and one can make themselves more attractive to women.

2: Think before posting:

You need to remember that when you post your pictures on social media sites then it’s not only for your buddies but you are posting for the girl whom you want to date. Besides it, you can create filters for who can or who cannot read what you have posted.

Think before posting

You need to act wisely before you post anything on social media. One of the best ways, when you post your picture, is you need to be positive, upbeat, and fun. Thus, it is the best way to attract a girl while using social media platforms.

3: Doing Flirting:

If you do flirt with girls on social media then you need to be sure that you be reserved about it. It is completely ok to see a woman that you are interested in and it also shows them that they have a high value or presence in your life. Remember, if you want to impress a girl on social media, then flirting should be done in an innocent way.

Doing flirting

It shows the women that you are selected for them. You can try to flirt with a woman whom you want to be with or whom you love. Try not to get over-excited and keep your flirting at an appropriate level and don’t try to cross your limits.

4: Talk in privately:

However, it is a good policy to never say anything on social media that you won’t be meant. You can be a little bit forward when talking with someone privately.

Talk in privately - how to impress a girl on social media

But remember that the whole point of using social media is only to attract girls and try to get them to go on a date. Try not to make use of social media as an end to itself. You can talk to a girl in private or you can go out on a date with her.

Once you have completely understood this thing then you can use social media to set up the logistics of your date. Thus, it is a better idea to get to know a girl by doing long hours of conversation with her.

Communication is way more than the words that you use. This also talks about the tone of your voice and sometimes it goes missing when you are doing chatting with someone on social media via text.

5: Give an impression that shows you are sincere:

If you really want to impress a girl in a chat conversation then it is not only about telling her lies. If you really love her too much and you are looking to move from online dating to physical meetups then it is the best idea to not lie to her as it can worsen your image and character.

Give an impression that shows you are sincere

A girl might not take the word until and unless you prove yourself worthy. She needs to be assured that she will be watching for the signs that indicate either your sincerity or dishonesty with her. You have to give an impression that shows you are sincere to impress a girl on social media.

So, always try to be truthful with her and never tell her a lie as it can have a huge impact on your impression that you have to try to be created.

6: Don’t pressurize her for anything:

As much you are deeply interested in talking to her and you want to know all the things give her some time to think about you. Don’t pressurize her to giving all the information that she is not willing to share.

Dont pressurize her for anything

It has been seen that most of the people will consistently ask questions about their past, memories that might be painful for her to remember.

However, if you start noticing that she has been avoiding some particular question of yours then you should be sensitive enough to leave it. Also, let her give her own space until she will be ready to talk about it.

7: Say things that make her feel relaxed:

Sometimes it’s not enough of how you can try to impress a girl, thus you should be more impressive. However, an impressive guy will make her feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed even they are miles away from her.

Say things that make her feel relaxed

What you can say to a girl? Your words should be like that how you can trust so that you keep her secrets safe. You should have empathy for her experiences! Try to tell her that you can relate her goals and dreams to reality. So, these things will be more obvious when you started doing chat and conversations with her.

8: Try to surprise her with your words:

Sometimes the predictable people can be proven very boring but a guy should know how to impress a girl whom they love.

You will n several times where you can surprise her with doing phone calls in the middle of their work, or you can text her something i.e is funny or you can send her flowers even though you haven’t met her before.

Try to surprise her with your words

There are various surprises that you can give her it can be either occasional and especially if you haven’t made any commitment to each other. If in return you get her affection then you can think that she probably started liking you and your surprises.

9: Start talking about your family:

If you genuinely have fallen in love with a girl then you find it easy that you can discuss your family with her. You can also see a bright future with her. It is not that you are only sharing the information for impressing her.

Start talking about your family - How to impress a girl on social media

However, you shouldn’t be work loaded her too much. Thus, in this way she won’t take a step back from you. Sometimes you need to wait until she asks you the right questions and try not to offer up the information. You also need to make sure about how much information you are willing to share with her.

10: Come up with the interesting topics:

Only an impression-driven guy can carry the interesting topics to talk about. Else, one can lose the authority to sound impressive. You need to talk about the topics that are mutually interested and one cannot run away either discussing that topic.

Come up with interesting topics

If she loves sports then you can talk about it with her, or if she hates talking about politics then try not to communicate on such things.

If she loves to listen to motivational speeches then you need to come up with unconventional opinions and see what’s her reaction and what she has to see on that topic. So, you need to take care of all such things otherwise the girl started to feel that you are bored enough.

11: During the chat, use emoticons:

Either the What’s app chat, or Facebook chats, you can make your chats or conversation more interesting. Also, you no longer have to express your feelings in too many words. You can just send an emoticon, a gif, or a sticker that matches your story.

During the chat, use emoticons

In this way, you bring out your playful side of how you can often impress a girl by using emoticons or sending funny gifs in order to make her laugh.

You need to make sure that you do this in moderation so that you can avoid looking like an unserious person. In this way, you can impress your girl and it creates a funny impression of yours to her.

12: Give her own space:

Most of the boys make the mistake of not giving space to their girls. If you see a future with a girl whom you are dating online then try to respect her privacy and don’t assume that she is ready to stop online dating and see you a person of her dream.

Give her own space

You need to respect her wishes as she respects yours. However, if you start coming out too strong to her, she will surely ditch you and thus you won’t get a chance to impress your lady. Even, the couples give their space to another person and then they try to reconnect with them again.

13: Crack Jokes in front of her:

It has been seen that girls tend to easily fall for guys who can make them laugh with their jokes. So, you need to try to impress a girl on social media with your jokes. You can pick up some jokes from somewhere or made them by yourself.

Crack jokes in front of her

Moreover, you can even challenge her to a joking contest or you can spice up the conversation and keep her engaged in talking with you.

Even if you think that your jokes aren’t much great then a girl probably focuses on the intention that you have put in your joke in order to make her laugh. This will create a good impression of yours in front of her.

14: Try not to bore her:

One of the things that can turn an intelligent and lively woman off is by doing a boring conversation with them. Unlike physical meetings, she can easily turn off her internet connection if she finds that a gut is boring her in a deadly conversation.

Try not to bore her - How to impress a girl on social media

Therefore, if you want to sustain her attention then you need to try to create some interesting ideas that you can easily share with her and discuss with her.

15: Be ready to help her:

If you want to impress a girl on social media, you should be ready to help her. So, how else you can prove your interest in her if you cannot help her with her problems. If you want to impress a girl then you need to make her see you as the first person who turns to in a time when needed.

Be ready to help her

You also need to prove that she is important to you and you will be always there if she needs any help from you.

You need to make her think that whenever she is in some difficult situation then you are always there for her in any kind of situation and this builds trust in her.

Conclusion: Here in this article, we have told you about How to talk to a girl on social media for the first time. Remember that impressing a girl is not only about sending insane messages or showing off your abs or cool pictures.

There are a lot of things that you need to try for impressing a girl. You should focus on winning her with your wit and by doing good conversations with her. If you take care of all these things then she will say yes to you in no time.

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