Things One Should Know About Bodybuilding

Things One Should Know About Bodybuilding

Have you ever wanted to do a photo dump on social media and get comments like ‘body goals’? That’s the dream of many bodybuilders aside from keeping healthy, and in this article, you will learn some considerable points that you must know about bodybuilding. Also, there are several myths surrounding bodybuilding, and we will be debunking a few in this article. Read on to learn more. 

1. What is Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is the art of creating a physical body appearance that requires the build-up of muscles to lead a healthy lifestyle. The entire process of bodybuilding strengthens and stabilizes the body, but you can make mistakes that can injure you and make you put a pause to it for months. For that reason, it becomes extremely important to stay informed before trying it out.

2. Stick to Free Weights 

Don’t get carried away with the high-tech machines available at the gym because they are not necessarily part of what you need to build your body. The regular dumbbells and barbells are enough to help you begin your bodybuilding journey.

Stick to Free Weights

3. Beware of Shady products

Several individuals look for various products to achieve the dream body painted by several celebrities and social media influencers. You must know that such products might hold side effects like infertility, erectile dysfunction, and baldness. 

So, you must be cautious before buying and trying such products. In this regard, several good brands offer premium quality steroids, as such products are beneficial in bodybuilding. So, if you wish to choose a good brand, you can find all the necessary information on Canadian Juice Monster.

4. Deadlifts and Squats are Beneficial

Deadlifts and squats are the starter pack bodybuilding exercises, and you shouldn’t miss them from the beginning of the journey. Don’t be tempted to use very specialized machines to exercise for no specific purpose, especially when starting. Start the bodybuilding process with deadlifts, barbell bench press, and squats initially. 

5. Stick to a Bodybuilding Program

Must you be aware of one rule? The one rule isn’t an official thing, but sticking to one thing for 21 days becomes a habit and for 21 more days (42 days in total) becomes a habit that is hard to break. Sticking to a program has the following advantages: 

  • It becomes a habit, and you don’t have to overthink it.
  • It protects you from getting an injury if you already know what to do.

Over time your routine might become diverse, but you will already have a set of exercises you perform regularly. You can simply have a trainer who is an expert at creating bodybuilding tracks for you to follow.

 4. Stick to a Bodybuilding Program

6. Avoid Intensive Training Every Day 

Your trainer must include free days between the routine they have created so that you can stay between doing three to four workouts in a week. Bodybuilding is a process that involves tearing down muscles to build them later up so there would be no building up if there were no rest in between. In fact, this can cause permanent damage to your muscles.

7. Work Each Muscle Weekly

Although you should not overwork your muscles, less work is also not good enough. Each muscle needs to be worked at least once a week so you can start seeing results in due time. An ideal trick would be to increase the weight of lifts you carry each week/month to build muscles over time.

8. Be Aware of the Correct Exercise Method

There are several ways to get a workout wrong and only a few ways to get it right. Of Course, you can take the help of your gym trainer to get started, but you probably require a personal trainer who will teach you the correct position to maintain for each workout.

9. Take protein

Protein is that one food nutrient you need to build muscles over time, so you have to double down on them, especially if you take little of it. Try taking some chicken, fish, eggs, milk, beans, nuts, protein shake, and some vegetables in your diet weekly, and ensure that the protein quantity you consume weekly is at least 1 gram.

10. Gain more Calories than you Burn

It is not easy to do the math here, but you must gain more calories than those you burn. However, you can get your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) using a calorie calculator to know how many calories you burn regularly. From there, you can tell how many calories you need to consume. Consuming fewer calories means you are burning the energy required to build your muscle, which means you won’t be getting as many results as you desire.

Gain more Calories than you Burn

The Key Takeaway

There are several workouts out there, so you should select what options work for you best with the help of a personal trainer. With the above tips, you should be guided on the right path to getting started as a bodybuilder. A good piece of advice would be to take the journey step by step and have a weekly goal you are trying to crush. It is best not to rush the process and develop a slow and safe routine that will make bodybuilding enjoyable and not overwhelming.

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