Changes in lifestyles of the 90s and 20s kids

Changes in lifestyles of the 90s and 20s kids

Lifestyle refers to the way in which people live, their everyday habits, behaviors, their values, and attitude. It consists of everyday practices, social interactions, cultural activities, dietary choices, and everyday routines. Upbringing, social and economic status, education, personal beliefs, and the environment in which a person lives are important factors for shaping lifestyle. The lifestyle of a person has a significant impact on their overall quality of life, health, well-being, and their relationships. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the changes that have occurred in the lifestyles of the 90s and 20s kids. 

Significant changes that can be noticed between the 90s and 20s kids

Here are some potential changes that have been noticed in the lifestyles of the 90s and 20s kids:

  • Technological changes: there has been a rapid technological advancement between the 90s and 20s. It is one of the most significant technological advancements that can be noticed. In the 90s kids were just introduced to computers and the internet was also not very widely introduced. Today’s kids have instant access to technology that includes the internet, smartphones, computers, and social media. 
  • Outdoor activities: kids in the 90s spent more time outside playing outdoor games, and engaging in activities such as riding bicycles, playing cricket, and other sports. In contrast, 20s kids are more interested in sitting indoors and playing video games or using social media in their leisure time. 
  • Screen time: with the rise in technological advancements, there has been an increase in the screen timings of the 20s kids as the internet, computers, and other gadgets such as smartphones are more accessible to them as compared to the kids in the 90s. They prefer spending more time playing video games and watching television.
  • Nutrition: there has been a shift in the nutrition intake of kids over the past few decades. In the 90s kids usually preferred homemade food and their fast food intake was less as compared to kids now. Kids in the 20s are more fascinated by fast food and eat junk food almost every day and try to avoid homemade food. 
  • Physical activity: in the 90s kids usually were more engaged in physical activities and they were a part of their everyday routine. They preferred walking or cycling to school, playing outside, and also engaging in sports. Today kids prefer to be more sedentary and spend hours sitting in front of their screens instead of being more physically active. 

Overall, many significant changes can be noticed in the daily lifestyles of the 90s and the 20s generation kids. Technology has played a main role in these changes. We are looking for more informative lifestyle blogs, if you are interested then you can write a guest blog on our platform Lifestyle Write for Us

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