Beauty And Different Brands Associated With It

Beauty And Different Brands Associated With It

Every woman and men are conscious about their skin and beauty and the products associated with it. Every person have different skin type and different desires for their beauty. Everyone wants to look good and smart and everyone thinks about it. ”Beauty” is altogether a huge topic with different dimensions to be discussed in it but today in our blog we will discuss only about what is beauty and different beauty brands and its products.

What is beauty?

The combination of different qualities in a person such as face type, color, complexion, form that further pleases the charming personality of a person in a sight is known as beauty.

Whenever we see a woman with big hazel eyes, fair complexion & beautiful round face crossing us there is only one comment which has been passed by us and that is wow! She is so beautiful. Some people are naturally blessed with fair complexion, some are not and some like dusky complexion. Everyone has their own desires for beauty which they want to achieve for which they buy different products as per their skin type.

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Different beauty brands and their products:-

Every person needs to use different products and every brand is associated with different products as per their use and nature. Let us discuss about few brands and their products today in our beauty blog which are mentioned below here:-

  •  MAC: It is a high end beauty brand which makes makeup products for woman such as lipsticks, concealer, compact, foundation and so on
  • BENEFIT: It is again a high end beauty brand that makes makeup products for women such as foundation, lipsticks and so on.
  • Clinique: This is a skin refreshing brand that makes products which help in skin care such as creams, moisturizers, face-wash and so on.
  • Smash box: This is a brand which makes makeup products for women such as foundation, compact, mascara, liner, lipstick and so on.
  • Kay Beauty: This is a brand established by the Bollywood actress Katrina kaif under the name of this brand the actress sells products such as lipsticks, Kajal, gloss, foundation and so on. It is a brand for makeup products.
  • Body Shop: It is a brand which makes both skin care products and makeup products under its brand name. This product claims that they use herbal recipes of fresh fruits and all in their products.
  • Forest Essential: It is a brand which is famous for its skin care products such as shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body lotion and so on.
  • Kama Ayurveda: It is a brand which works on ayurvedic recipes for designing its skin care products and uses herbal recipes for making such products.
  • Cetaphil: This company makes skin care products and claims them to be medicated and parabeam free.The company makes amazing moisturizers, face wash and other products.

There are many more companies associated with it and all are different and the use of brands depends on person to person as per their scenario.

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