Why Choose Midas Driver Training in UK

Midas Driver Training

Midas Driver Training includes the Minibus Driver Training Awareness Scheme. Supporting a national standard for minibus driver evaluation and training throughout the United Kingdom, it is a membership-based programme. The programme aims to raise the bar for safe minibus operation and driving standards.

All organisations that utilise or run minibuses must comply with Midas Driver Training regulations. As a local government, we have a fleet of minibuses, to which Midas is applicable.

Midas Driver Training with Some Advantages

  • Improved passenger comfort and safety.
  • An increase in the self-assurance of drivers.
  • Enhances the standing of your business.
  • Potential savings on insurance and operating costs.
  • Officially recognised national standard.

Midas Driver Training with Some Important Guidelines

  • Fall between the ages of 21 and 70. If you are above 70 years old and pass a thorough medical assessment, you may apply.
  • Keep your driver’s licence up to date.
  • Own a driver’s licence with entitlement to category D1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the MiDAS Driver Training Course?

Theory and practical education are both included in Midas driving training. In a single day, the theory training is finished in about four hours (Standard) or eight hours (Accessible). The practical driving assessment takes around 60 minutes to complete. To find out more about training schedules, speak with your favourite instructor.

What is the MiDAS Training Programme?

The goal of the national MiDAS initiative is to enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of minibus drivers. Even though it’s not required by law, MiDAS is increasingly acknowledged as a “best working practice.” Most minibus operators prefer that their drivers have a MiDAS certification.

How long is MiDAS valid for?

Your MiDAS certificate is good for four years. After four years, you will have to attend a Refresher Training session. The validation of the Midas certificate is four years.

For whom is the Midas Driver Training necessary?

MiDAS, or the Minibus Driver Training Awareness Scheme, is run by the Community Transport Association. The course offers a nationally recognized standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers to raise minibus driving standards and promote safer minibus operations.

What is a MiDAS test?

The mission of the MiDAS is to ensure that each candidate finishes the training at the highest level feasible, giving you the ability to drive a minibus in a secure, composed, and self-assured manner. Certificates are distributed at the end of the session; the MiDAS certificate needs to be updated every four years.