Packaging as a Modern-Day Brand Communication Tool

Companies communicate their value and image to their customers in different ways. One of these ways is through the packaging of their goods.

Companies communicate their value and image to their customers in different ways. One of these ways is through the packaging of their goods. This is an effective strategy that helps raise their brand profile. This is an effective strategy that helps raise their brand profile.

By explaining some tricks and tips on how to increase your brand awareness through packaging, you will learn and benefit from the strategies in this article.

The Importance of Packaging in Building Trust and Other Aspects

The history of packaging is ancient, for example, the first commercial cardboard box was made in England in 1817, corrugated cardboard appeared in the 1850s; and around 1900, shipping boxes made of coated corrugated cardboard started to replace homemade wooden crates and boxes for trade. And since then there has been a variety of designs, with different colors, creativity, and interesting lines and figures.

But why should you use and invest in packaging? Packaging is a very important aspect of your products and one of the factors that influence the buying decision by contributing to sales, turnover, and building trust with customers. The reason you should invest in a creative and secure design is to build trust and help people decide that your product is one of the products they need to meet their needs.

Communicating quality, providing information, ensuring safety, and promoting brand identity, helps build trust in the product and the manufacturer, which also has an impact on your business success.

Not only to build trust, but you will benefit in several ways from a fresh and sleek design:

  • Packaging allows you to indirectly influence the customer’s decision, as packaging is often the first thing the consumer sees and touches when considering a product. If you take this fact into account, you can create an attractive product design that makes an emotional connection with the customer and influences their decision to buy.
  • Packaging helps build brand image by using a consistent packaging design for all products. It is also one of the most effective ways to communicate your key values and messages.
  • With a good packaging design, you can help your brand achieve more sales and turnover. Customers will have a positive first impression and become loyal customers, of course, other factors also play a role in this decision.
  • Good packaging conveys confidence and security to customers, so focus on providing important information and also focus on the packaging material.

As this is an important aspect of your marketing strategy, you should design something unique that provides information and helps to build trust with your customers. 

To differentiate your products from others, you can design them yourself or work with a design company, for example, Origin Pac, which is a professional company. The reason for working with such companies is because of their professionalism and experience. They also know what is trending, what should be included, what attracts customers more, etc., which are all very important aspects and will also help save you money and time, so you can focus on other brand aspects.

Tips on How to Impress Your Customers with Packaging

Before you decide to put your product on the market, make sure you put some of the most important information on the packaging, including:

  • Brand name
  • The product size
  • Safety Instructions
  • Barcode
  • Weights
  • Manufacturer

The items listed above are general things that packaging should have, but to entice customers to buy a product, you should include the following points in your packaging design:

  1. Make sure that the packaging contains clear and relevant product information. On the packaging, you should clearly communicate the key features, benefits, and instructions for use of your product.
  2. Focus on designing attractive and eye-catching packaging so that it stands out on shop shelves and stays in customers’ minds and homes for longer.
  3. Choose to package for your product that is easy to use, transport, and store.
  4. When designing a package, pay attention to the emotional appeal: the packaging can evoke emotions and create an emotional connection with the product.
  5. Try new things, and never stop testing. 


Packaging is a very important aspect that companies should focus on when launching and promoting their products. They can do it all by themselves or work with different companies to come up with an attractive and unique packaging design, because the design is a very important aspect that contributes to the company’s growth, increases sales, and turnover, and helps to build trust with customers.

Companies should take care to create an attractive design that is easy to use, transport, and store, and should also focus on the emotional impact that a package can have.

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