Relocating and Feeling Are All Over the Place? Learn Some Organizing Tips

Relocating and Feeling Are All Over the Place Learn Some Organizing Tips

One of those challenges that practically everyone must face at least once in their life is relocation. Obviously, making the procedure as easy as possible and avoiding common moving mistakes are essential in order to succeed.

Stress Is a Normal Part of The Moving Process

If you anticipate that you will experience some stress during the course of your move, you will be less likely to let it derail you when it happens. Consider other times in your life when you’ve accepted occasional stress as part of the process and simply worked through it. Stress is a normal human reaction, but it is not the end of the world. It may even be beneficial to your health. Take it for what it is and acknowledge the feeling when it occurs, but don’t let it distract you from the tasks at hand.

Plan Ahead 

The most significant cause of moving stress is time. A stress-free move may not be possible, but you can make it a lot easier by planning ahead of time.

Figure that you’ll need about two days to pack up a studio or one-bedroom apartment, three to four days for a two-bedroom home, and so on. Give yourself enough time to complete additional tasks like choosing a moving company or rental truck, connecting utilities in your new home, and cleaning the home you’re leaving. The more you put off until the last minute, the more anxious you’ll feel.

Organization is Key 

If you want to make moving less stressful, the organization is essential. This applies to every aspect of your move.  Begin gathering new addresses, rental or purchase paperwork, moving contracts, and other documents in one folder. If any questions arise during the planning or moving process, you’ll have the answer on hand. If you prioritize organization from the start, you’ll have fewer headaches and an easier move overall. 

Another good practice is to start by going through each room and deciding which items you want to keep, which you want to get rid of, and which you want to sell or donate. Once you’ve made these decisions, pack similar items together and label the boxes to make it easier to unpack and reorganize your belongings when you move. You won’t regret the time you take to organize yourself before your move.

Hire a Moving Company 

Giving some of the larger tasks to a reputable moving company can do more to reduce the stress of moving. Movers can assist with heavy lifting in addition to helping you pack your belongings and transport awkwardly shaped items. That means you’ll have to do a lot less work and experience a lot less stress. 

Just make sure the moving company you choose has a track record of providing dependable and trustworthy service; otherwise, you might find yourself under more stress. Hire moving companies that assist their clients in thoroughly preparing for the move and organizing their belongings. Moving companies in Zurich such as Blitz Transport or Umzugsfirma.Zuerich helps their customers to fully prepare for the move and properly organize their things so they don’t lose anything or leave something important behind.

Envision Your New Home

Consider why you are moving now (downsizing or needing more room – change in location – change in lifestyle). Then, take some time to imagine how your new home will look and feel. What is similar? What’s the difference?

Now, go through your current home, room by room, and identify the items you require and enjoy that will fit into your new vision. Create a strategy for getting rid of everything that does not fit the vision. Because you are not moving items that will become cluttered, you have less to prepare for the move and less expense. 


While relocating is a stressful process, it also provides an excellent opportunity to take stock of your belongings and organize them for your new life. After all, when else would you go through a lifetime’s worth of possessions than when moving from one house to another? Making the most of this opportunity can provide numerous benefits as you enter the next stage of your life.

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