Risks at Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is a platform which makes it easier for brands and creators to learn from each other. This type of platform helps influencers to select the most appropriate brand based on their campaign requirement. A lot of influencer marketing platforms have dedicated influencer search engines that create the hunting practice easier.

  • Influencer marketing can be a very beneficial tool for marketers but you should be aware of where influencer marketing can go away. The very best thing about social media is that we can become anyone we want to be. The bad thing is that at least from a brand’s perspective, it is that you may not exist at all.

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  • Influencer marketing is a very popular strategy for many of the world’s biggest brands and companies. It’s not all that surprising to know that research shows that 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source.

If you want to start using an influencer in marketing this can be risky & tricky. First of all, we should set out clear expectations when it comes to talking about the influencer and the marketing.

  • Brands and marketers already struggle with the mass accurate insights associated with digital advertising from the walled gardens of Facebook and Google, and influencer marketing is yet another technique that prevents marketers from really knowing how and if their ads are working or not.
  • The main truth is that people only want to show the sides of themselves they want the world to see, they want you to see how beautiful they look after a breakup or how amazing they had on their recent vacations, and just want to show off the clothes they wore that we just can’t afford.
  • Using influencer marketing, it is very difficult to tell if your branded content is resonating with users or if they are reaching the right type of users or not.
  • Influencers are affecting us in a variety of ways. With the rising use of social media, we are becoming a generation that is image-obsessed and ready to give up when we are not able to reach our dreams like “bla and bla” has. That time we feel like failures or are prepared to yield at any side roadblock we see. At that time Our mental state is being put at risk. Influencers can use their power to make you buy things that you just do not need. Influencers also feel as if they have all the freedom to do what others can not do.

Influencer marketing is targeting children also in a negative way

Nowadays, children have many options for digital entertainment and social media. YouTube has particularly emerged as a platform for children’s screen time and an alternative to traditional television. Children nowadays spend many hours online watching YouTube videos in which their favourite vloggers are playing games, unboxing toys, reviewing products, making jokes or simply going about their daily activities.

  • These vloggers regularly post attractive and entertaining content in the hope of building a large following. The popularity of those vloggers incited advertisers to incorporate them as a replacement marketing communication tool, also mentioned as influencer marketing, in their marketing strategy.
  • Accordingly, many influential bloggers now receive free products from brands in return for a mention in one of their videos and their other social media and some are even paid for creating a sponsored post or video and showing it to their followers. This sponsored content appears to be highly influential and should affect young children’s brand preferences.

Some experts believe that influencer marketing is about to come crashing down on the brands, thinking they’ve found the magic bullet for selling to their target market.

Their efforts to figure with influencers are creating a system which reduces their ability to influence sales. Brands haven’t any relationship with the influencers, in most cases, and no control over messages shared by them, in altogether cases.

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