Ways To Keep Your Newborn Healthy

Ways To Keep Your Newborn Healthy

Becoming a mother is a very good moment of a woman’s life, but giving birth doesn’t complete your work. Babies need a lot of care and as parents it is your duty to make sure you do everything possible for maintaining your baby’s good health and everything well. Babies are very small; they cannot tell us their problems and this makes it difficult for parents to understand what they need.

So, It is very important for you to respond every time they cry during the first few months. Do not spoil your baby by ignoring them.

Newborns are so cute and charming as they take the attention of family members, friends, and even strangers who want to hold and touch your baby and want to play with them. This could make your baby come closer to germs and viruses.

This worries every parent about how to keep their baby healthy and safe. After all, this is a huge responsibility as becoming a parent is not so easy. If you are also interested in writing a health blog and want to share some health tips and topics then you can come and write on the topic Health Blogs Write For Us.

Keeping Your Baby Safe

You must take precautions before it becomes a risk, it will help your baby keep safe in his first few months of life.

Follow some given practices to avoid any risk:

  • You should never leave your Never leave your baby alone in the bed , table or at any height peak.
  •  If a baby falls it can cause them serious internal or external injuries which can be serious for them .
  • Keep all small and tiny objects away from them such as nuts, buttons, beads etc. that can be swallowed. 

Your newborn’s immune system is still developing, so they are at a higher risk of developing serious complications from illnesses.

  • Increase in weight and height of baby.

Every time when you take your baby to the doctors they measures your baby weight and height  

  • In the starting first six months, your baby develops very fast and on an average they gain weight by 5 to 7 oz  and ½ to 1 inch of height every week.
  • If a baby is approximately twice his birth by 5 months and thrice his birth weight by the time he is one year old, this clears that he is healthy. 
  • breastfeeding

Babies are already born with an innate sucking reflex, which means that as soon as you get anything close to your baby’s mouth, he may begin sucking it. If a baby has a good sucking urge and if they demand frequent feeds this means that the baby has a good appetite and a good digestive system.

  • Take proper vaccinations on time

Now it’s time to keep two things in mind : vaccinations for your child, and vaccinations for the people who are around them.

Newborns will only receive their Hepatitis B vaccination at birth, and then all vaccinations rest at later intervals for their first 4 years.

  • Take care as the child is hydrated

Be alert of your baby’s hydration levels. Hydration helps  the working of mucus membranes and the respiratory tract, which are important for good health. Whether the baby takes with breast milk, infant formula or water, keep your baby well hydrated. They should be wetting at least four to six nappies a day as proven.

  • Holding

You should know how to hold the baby’s neck muscles before taking them as they are not yet developed, so you will need to support her/his head whenever you pick her up.

  • Give them massage on time

It is one of the best ways to spend time and make a bond with the little one. You should give your baby a massage at least twice a day. Be gentle while massaging the baby. It will keep them strong.

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