Creative Ways To Celebrate Rose Day

Lovers across the world await the most romantic day in February and Rose Day is one of them. On this big day it allows lovers to express their feelings. This day is celebrated on the 7th of February. The valentine week consists of seven different days- Rose Day, Propose Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Promise Day, Chocolate Day, Kiss Day and then comes Valentine Day

Roses are the best medium to express your feelings of love and affection.
With the variety of roses available in the market, you can choose the one that describes your emotions best. If you want to express your strong emotions then you need to present red roses in such an interesting arrangement that it can make your lover’s day more special. Give your valentine a single red rose to express your feelings and make her feel special.


Below we are been sharing some creative ways of how to celebrate the rose day:

    • Arrange Bouquets Beautifully: On this day you can give some beautiful rose bouquets to your loved ones. A rose signifies a symbol of your affection. It traditionally represents romance. You can arrange the roses in a beautiful vase or would make things prettier. For making your rose arrangement more special you can design it in some vase or bowl.
    • Rose Box: The next creative and sustainable way of gifting roses is to present in some cardboard boxes. To make the arrangement more appealing you can go towards pretty printed papers, some lace, embellishments, etc. Else, you can simply make a love note on the rose box and express your feelings for your lovable partner.
    • Rose Candle: Surrounding yourself with fragrant scent is always a good idea for keeping your mind fresh. So, this year goes with a scented candle in rose flavor and gives them a shape like roses. If both these methods look simple then take a scented jar candle of your partner’s favorite fragrance. Put some freshly bought roses in the jar and present it to your partner. It gives an amazing look to your date.
    • Rose Scrapbook : Another way to invade your partner’s heart is by making a simple scrapbook by using memorable photos in it. Arrange the pictures in a sequence when you are strangers and then came in a relationship with each other. As per your relationship status emerge the photos and describes each memory of yours. You can buy roses and pin them in a scrapbook and gifted it to your partner.


  • Rose jewel: The next way to present roses is in jewelry form. The real pendants, earrings, bangles can be easily made at home. You can start making the jewelry by pouring some resin solution in it and mix some sparkles. Then add some flower petals in solution and dry it under the dryer. Once you get completed you can fix it in a broach or some chain (pendant). These unique ways help in presenting your love differently. This year present your loved ones with a bunch of red roses and make their day extremely special and memorable.