What is SEO Audit And Best Techniques for SEO Audit And Top 10 SEO Audit Tools

Best Technioues for SEO Audit

Information about SEO audit -: SEO audit means checkup of the website. It is a process of analyzing the composition of websites such as content, architecture, indexing, social media engagement, and backlinks and it is very important for us to know about our website because collect the knowledge about our website help us to know about some issues in site, so, we will able to correct the issues to rank the site on top position. We collect or know about all the problems that are held on the site by the SEO audit. SEO audit checks the detail that how your website is performing.

SEO audit identifies as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance

There are multiple numbers of issues affecting the performance of the search engine:Potential off-site problems
User experience issues
Content gaps and opportunities
Marketplace insights
On-page SEO issues
Technical SEO issues
Website structure issues

Server Log Audit

User Agent Analysis
Crawl Budget Analysis

On-Page Audit

Keyword Use
Meta Data Analysis (Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags)
Keyword Research
Page Copy Theme Analysis
Site Content Structure
Images & Video
Internal Linking & HTML Sitemap
User Experience

Technical Audit

Canonical Tags
Page Speed
URL Structure
XML Sitemap
Legacy Domain Issues
Off-page Analysis
Mobile SEO analysis
International SEO analysis
Indexation analysis
Status Codes

TOP 10 SEO Audit Tools

Ahref -: Ahref is one of the best tools and getting quick analysis as well as utilizing extensive index. This is invaluable to have one tool that can do both of those things.

Serums -: Serums is a very useful tool, it tracks the compotator’s data and if we follow or implement it to serums then we will easily grow our business and also it find the keywords for PPC and SEO as well as advertisers.

Woo rank -: Woo rank tool is very easy to understand and also useful for the site owner. It helps us and provides detail of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks, broken link to improve the site ranking and visibility also.

MOZ -: Many experts use the MOZ tool to check the page authority and the domain authority. There are many MOZ tools:
Business Listing
Business Console
Research Categories
Open Site Explorer
Keyword Explorer

Raven Tools: Raven tools are very useful and give a list of SEO tools for research and correct your website. The tool is easy to use to make reports about the audit, marketing, and social media.

WebCEO:  WebCEO is one of the best tools and used for auditing tool in term to locate all the problems which are available on the website. Web CEO is helpful because it has some features such as:
Link Building
Competitor Analysis
SEO Performance Reporting

SpyFu -: We get all the insights of the website through the SpyFu and SpyFu give us a lot of benefits such as:
Paid Search (PPC)
Top Keywords
Organic Search
Inbound Clicks

SEO Site Checkup: It analyzes the site by the different method by social media, servers, security, mobile usability, SEO issue and there are some features:
Competitor Analysis
SEO Reporting
SEO monitoring
SEO issues repairing

Seoptimer: SEOptimer is the best tool for improving the search ranking as well as give the best result and it finds the error on the website.
Founds SEO Audit Tool -: This tool helps us in terms to get better online visibility by trace the problems of the website and find a way to fix them.

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