Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking-: Social bookmarking is one of the best strategies in terms to boost the traffic rate on the top position. Social Bookmarking is an Off-Page SEO technique. It is very effective and increases the quality and quantity of traffic. You can grow the position of ranking by improving your links through the social bookmarking and also we can bookmark on URL of our site and get more traffic.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking -: There are a number of benefits of social bookmarking.

1) More and more people land on the site and online presence with the help of social bookmarking.
2) It increases the keyword ranking in Google and any search engine result.
3) It increases the domain or page authority of the site.
4) It enhances the popularity of your website.
5) If your site is bookmarked then extra opportunity shown on the search engine result.
6) You get the interested audience on the site and the bounce rate will be lesser.
7) If you post your blog on social media then it means you get a chance to activate the profile on social sites.

Bookmarking website -:
Face book
Stumble Upon
And many more

Main four functions in social bookmarking -:

1.) Storing bookmarks
2.) Describing bookmarks
3.) Organizing bookmarks
4.) Sharing bookmarks

1.)  Storing bookmarks -: You can store bookmarks on the web and whatever you will use the browser.
2.)  Describing bookmarks -: Describe your bookmarked links at the point when you save them on Delicious or Diigo. You do this by tagging each bookmark.
3.) Organizing bookmarks -: There is no properly need to change all tags in of lists, but the bundles and lists are useful for larger subject areas that you are researching.
4.)  Sharing bookmarks -: Bookmarking can be one of the shared activity and the name social bookmarking. If once you have saved a bookmark, you can see how many others, they have saved from this.