What Is Backlinks ? Role of backlinking in SEO

What Is Backlinks

A backlink simply means that a link from one website to another. Search engines use backlink as a ranking symbol because when one website connects to another, it means they believe the content is unique. High-quality backlinks can help to improve a website’s ranking status and visibility in search engine results (SEO).

Backlinks are essential in SEO because a backlink to your website is a sign to google that others maintain for your content. Moreover, when lots of websites connect to your website, then the search engine can conclude that website is worth connecting. This can raise your ranking of the website and also worth surfacing on the page of the search engine.

Types of backlinks

A search engine uses backlinks as a ranking part. If someone gives a backlink to your site, this is usually because they like and support the content that you make for your website.

If we are going to create backlink on any website then we should be very sure for that website domain authority and spam score if that website have spam score more than 4% we should not go for backlinks on that website.

If you have many backlinks from lower quality or unnecessary websites, then it will probably have a bad effect, and also it can break to the ranking of your website.

The Different Types of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks:

  1. Do-Follow, and
  2. No-Follow links.


  1. Do-Follow Backlink

Do-follow backlinks are considered one of the most popular and important types of backlinks for SEO.

When you choose and place a do-follow backlink on your website, it tells the search engines to approve the link.

Suppose if any trusted website gives a do-follow link then it is a symbol of trust or security towards your website. They enter a dofollow tag to the links and they drive to the search engine crawlers that they can also work for the crawling for your website.

  1. NoFollow links

A no-follow back link is a link that doesn’t permit the Google bots to follow the back link which indicates if the website owner is connecting back to you with the no follow back links, it does not pass on link juice and only the people will be capable to follow the back link. No follow links are the links that are not listed by web crawlers and it is utilized only to create website traffic. Do follow links are the links that are listed by web crawlers and it raises the link juice as well.

A full opposition of Do Follow back links. No-follow hyperlinks don’t allow to Google or its bots to understand the way provided in the website and analyze the link way to its purpose. As a conclusion, SEO juice does not utilize this channel and doesn’t achieve the flown by it. Usually, No Follow links are used in different blog commenting websites or other fields to avoid spam humbling to your SEO quality.

Top 10 website for Do-follow Links



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Although, it’s necessary to increase your link sources if you want to get the best outcomes.

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Benefits of Do-follow Websites for Backlinks

  • The links of these do-follow websites attract a large number of people to your website.
  • With this dofollow website’s links, you are capable to get higher comments on your content post.
  • You can also make the post of your blog popular.
  • With these websites, you can increase your page preview.
  • Improves the quality of your blog for various keywords.
  • You can improve the authority of the blog in front of the search engine.
  • Have a real impact on the search ranking algorithm.
  • It helps others to connect your content with theirs; this permits them to make backlinks.
  • It makes a good connection with brands.
  • It increases activity on your website by providing writers to write on your content.