How Can You Stand Out With An Outstanding Exhibition Stand Design?

How Can You Stand Out With An Outstanding Exhibition Stand Design?

Organizing an event? While designing an individual exhibition stand, you need to think of a plan that makes your business stand out from the rest, capable of creating a strong impression. But achieving so can be a tough task. The space reduction being merged with numerous exhibitors can curb the visual impact of your stand and there are very few chances that you will get noticed by the customers. 

For the sake of recognition, it becomes necessary that your exhibition stand contains a wow factor that makes it appreciable. This will also help in making a strong impression in front of the audience. The first impression really matters and it is specifically true when it comes to attracting customers to the exhibition stand. Maybe your company has the service or product to offer, but if you fail in making a strong visual appearance, people show no interest in coming to your stand and your competitor will get this chance. 

What are the best ways to stand out in such a competition of exhibition stands? How will you manage to attract the crowd? Check out the tips to make your exhibition stand visually appealing! 

Setting The Goals 

Before you jump into designing anything, set goals for the same. Investigate what you want to achieve and what kind of message you want to spread through the exhibition stand. Let’s suppose you have worked with great design, but what if the stand fails to present the value of the company or express the product or service? All your efforts will go in vain! That is why planning for goals should be in your mind before you begin the design process. You will not lose the chance in this case! 

More Space For The Stand 

Generally, the size of the booth can be restricted to a specific limit, but it becomes important that you make use of the allocated space. You should have a confirmation of the dimensions to get an idea of how you are going to work. Make some efforts to enhance the flow of your modular display systems to ensure that there are no physical hurdles at the entering point and keep the meeting areas at the back of the stand. 

Keep Your Exhibition Stand Tall 

The height of the exhibition stand varies, some have maximum head height while others have high floor to ceiling height, covering the whole venue. It is your responsibility to keep a check on the maximum height of the stand and in case it has not, take the ceiling as the maximum one. You can increase the visibility by assimilating high signage, sling props, and including a tower having a rotating sign to attract the customers into your exhibition stand.

Don’t Rely On Text Much 

Keep textless in case of exhibition stands because less will work as more in this case. Concision is an important aspect of an exhibition stand. Don’t include long sentences if you can convey the same message in short. Who has the time to read long sentences? No one will stop at your stand to read that stuff. Instead of long texts, you can use impressive slogans related to your product or services that people keep in mind even after the event ends. No need to provide a list of product details that is too slothful to read. 

Also, the font should be clear and bold enough so that people can read it from a distance. The next important thing is the location, which means the text should be on the proper location of the exhibition stand and it does not get blocked in the showing area. Keep the message short and simple, making it an impressive one!

Keep The Lightening of The Stand High

Lightening is an important element when we talk about exhibition stand design. The lightning improves the appeal of the stand and a good one will also help in creating mood and vibrations depending on what you want to achieve. If your aim is to represent the new technology, it is advised to use recessed lighting to get an extant feel. 

You can also add some supplementary lightning along with the provided one by the venue. You can culminate some specific areas of your stand either with spotlights, up lights, or colored lights if you have some new product to display. The colored lighting will give your stand a unique feel as compared to your opponents. 

Along with lighting, you can also add graphics to your expo display stands. A picture makes more impact than words and to make the stand visually appealing, images and graphics are the perfect media to convey the message in front of the audience. Make sure that the graphic or image is good enough for the stand!

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