Why We Still Need a Screwdriver

Why We Still Need a Screwdriver

A screwdriver set is one of the most important household and professional tools. and an essential in any tool box. A single screwdriver will be useful – but it won’t cover all the screwdriving tasks that will regularly pop up. Tightening door knobs or hinges, replacing batteries, tightening glasses frames and opening a tin of paint are just some of the household needs for a screwdriver.

Larger jobs like putting together flatpacks literally cannot be done without a screwdriver or a set of screwdrivers. Every tradesperson or technician will have a screwdriver set or two in his or her tool kit. 

Is one screwdriver enough?

Screw heads come in different shapes and multiple lengths and widths, so one size screwdriver is never going to meet all your needs. The most common types of screwdrivers have either a Phillips head which is a rounded cross, or a flat head which is flat and tapering. Flathead screwdrivers and screws are measured in mm or inches with sizes ranging from 0.8mm to 9.5mm.  Phillips screws are measured by number, ranging from a size 0 to size 24 with the Phillips screwdrivers available in five sizes which fit a selection of screws.  

Types of screwdrivers you might need

As well as the Phillips and Flat head, there are six other less commonly used screwdrivers

  1. Pozridriv screwdriver has a double cross and is used when a more powerful torque is required
  2. The Torx or star tip screwdriver has six rounded lobes which increases both longevity and torque.  
  3. The Square or Robertson screwdriver has a completely square flat head, without a taper. They are very reliable, though more common in North America
  4. Hex or Hexagon screwdrivers are used for bolts rather than screws, as a replacement spanner. The bolt fits into a recessed hexagon shaped tip, reducing any chance of slippage.

Screwdriver sets 

It makes sense to invest in a set of screwdrivers, so that whatever size or shape screw you need to deal with, you will have the correct tool for the job. If you are a professional, something like an 18 piece engineer’s set which gives you three types of screwdrivers in several sizes will be useful. For the home handyman, a full set of Phillips and Flat head, including an adjustable head piece and a couple of stubby screwdrivers for extra grip will help you avoid any impromptu trips to your local hardware store. For simple household tasks two or three of each type of screwdriver will be adequate, with maybe a set of very fine screwdrivers for more intricate tasks.  

The screwdriver is a resilient and durable piece of hardware that is an important part of your tool box whether you are an IT professional, mechanical engineer or craftsperson. Screwdrivers come in several shapes and many sizes and can be purchased in different set configurations. 

For more information about screwdrivers and which type or size is best for you visit RS Online, and start shopping online! 

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