The New Favourite: Android

The New Favourite: Android


Nowadays, Android is more than just an operating system. It has become a way of life as a result of its huge popularity and accessibility across platforms. Whichever devices you use will probably have the Android operating system. The end-users’ positive experiences with it are what make it acceptable. The Android operating system is also quite configurable and exceedingly user-friendly. These characteristics fuel its astronomical global popularity.

As implied by the name, Google LLC, a major player in technology, created Android. The Google Play Store offers more than 2 million apps for download and installation in Android-powered devices, demonstrating the enormous popularity of the Android Operating System in the world. This OS is used by a variety of devices, including Computers, TVs, audio players, watches, cellphones, and tablets. 

Benefits of Android

  • Operating System with Open Source

One of the most significant benefits of Android OS is its Open Source Operating System. Everyone, including developers and device makers, has access to the source code. So that they can access the source code and make adjustments to make it compatible with their hardware. It makes the operating system adaptable and focused on research. Even Google is open to recommendations and criticism from programmers, testers, and hardware vendors. Also, Google can improve the Android operating system using these inputs. As a result, it ranks as one of Android OS’s finest benefits for developers.

  • Easy-to-use Play Store

More than a million programmes are available for download from the Google Playstore and the Apple Store. Apps can be downloaded by users based on their needs. Yet, compared to Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store is considerably more user-friendly and simpler to use. It’s because Apple has more limits and is fairly stringent when it comes to software downloads. For instance, in order to download and watch a movie on your Apple device, you need Apple iTunes. Nevertheless, the Android Play Store has a far more open design and is considerably more user-friendly, enabling you to watch films on any device using a basic web browser.

  • Continual enhancement and elimination of outdated features

A sizable development and user community that supports Google Android regularly provides input on the features, including their benefits and drawbacks. As a result, there is constant review of the codes and features, making adjustments and revisions, and always introducing improved improvements. One of the reasons Android keeps introducing new features while getting rid of the older ones that users don’t like is because of this.

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The Bottom Line 

Android’s app review process is relatively straightforward, and it takes less time than iOS for an app to be approved for publishing on the play store. It has a sizable user base and is becoming increasingly popular, especially in developing nations. You will always receive a notification on the home screen of your Android phone for any SMS, Email, or even the most recent articles from an RSS Reader. Pay attention to the blinking LED indicator so you don’t miss a single SMS, Email, or even missed call.

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