5 Important Tips of Meditation For Beginners

important tips of meditation for beginners

For people, who want to start meditation, different types of questions arise in their minds that who should meditate, how to do it, what will be the benefit from meditation, etc? You will get the answer to all these in this article.

Dhyana which is the seventh part of Ashtanga Yoga, representation is such that meditation is the ultimate means of liberation of the soul. Yes, there is no doubt that by meditating, the soul never drinks the mother’s breast again, that is, it is freed from birth and death.

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Some important tips related to meditation:

  • The place for meditation should be clean, airy, secluded, undisturbed. It would be good if there is always one place.
  • The best time is Brahmamuhurta or evening.
  • Before sleeping at night, after washing hands and mouth, meditation for a few minutes is very beneficial. The mind becomes calm. After this, if you practice yoga Nidra then it will be very good.
  • Siddhasana and Padmasana are the best asanas for meditation. But those who cannot do this should sit in Sukhasana and Ardha-Padmasana.
  • The head, neck, and spine should be straight. There should be no tension in the body and close the eyes comfortably.
  • Keep the body steady. Do not change the position of hands and feet, do not move, do not scratch.
  • Don’t let a single day take a break in meditation. Meditate regularly every day.

Some important methods of meditation:

There are many methods of meditation that are prevalent nowadays. But here I will tell some very simple and useful methods so that beginners can easily do it at home. Before meditating, do pranayama. Because by this you will have control over your breath, due to which the mind is removed from the senses, from their objects and also from thoughts, imagination.

Pranayama is the simplest and best way to remove the restlessness of the mind, to concentrate the mind, to calm the mind. Let us know some simple methods and techniques of meditation –

  • Philosophy

Sit comfortably in Sukhasana or Padmasana. Lay the seat of a blanket or kasha below. Let whatever thoughts come to your mind. Do not bring ideas, do not restrain, do not suppress. Just become a watcher and go on watching the thoughts silently. The mind moves from one thought to another, from one event to another. You just keep watching.

Get the feeling that you are not the mind, you are watching the mind and its functions. With the practice of a few days, as soon as you sit to watch the actions of the mind, the thoughts will stop, the movement of the mind will stop.

It is just like a person running and at some point the body gets tired and the body needs rest. Similarly, the mind also gets tired and it also needs rest and it starts to settle down. Believe me, this is a very simple and useful meditation method for beginners.

  1. Breathing Meditation:

This is also called Vipassana meditation. In this, the seeker has to follow his breath. Do not inhale or exhale forcefully. Just like the breath is going on, so they have to be followed. These are very useful techniques for beginners who want to start meditation. With just a few days of practice, you will feel bliss.

  1. Idol-Meditation:

For those who are confused about where to start meditation, it is best to meditate on the idol. Look at the idol of whomever your presiding deity is for a while and then close your eyes and imagine the same idol. While doing this for a few days, that idol will come in your meditation, but by doing regular practice, one day it will disappear from meditation and that moment will be when you will feel bliss.

  1. Ajapa-Japa:

Chant any mantra in your mind. Then chant that mantra by mixing it with breathing activity. Do not speak with your mouth, you have to do with your mind. The mantra has to be mixed with every breath. Breath and mind will become one. Like Om Namah Shivaya is the mantra. In this, inhale with Om Namah and exhale with Shivaya. Be full of consciousness with the breath and the mantra. The breath will be stable, the mind will also be stable at the same time. This action removes mental tension within a few minutes and the mind becomes calm.

  1. Sound Yoga

In this yoga, you can take the help of Bhramari Pranayama. In this, by closing the ears, they make a sound like a whirlpool. You have to focus your mind on this voice in the beginning. Concentrate your entire hearing power on this voice.

Also, you can focus on the sound of or the sound of running water. Due to this gradually the mind will start drowning in the sound and will become concentrated quickly. This is also a very simple method of meditation for beginners.

Point to note – Use any method or technique of meditation. In the end, you will become thoughtless and you will have a big smile on your face. This is the moment when you are in the lap of God and feel bliss.

Benefits of meditation yoga:

Meditation benefits every human being. Meditation is not related to any religion, caste. These people of any religion, of any caste, can do it and can reap the benefits from it. 

  • A person who has a habit of always worrying or cannot sleep must meditate.
  • For those whose mind remains restless or lacks self-confidence, meditation yoga is a boon.
  • Some people have social anxiety, they must meditate.
  • Meditation and yoga are also good for concentration and memory.
  • Meditation opens the chakras of the body, due to which the body remains healthy.
  • For the person who wants to experience God, meditation yoga is the best means.
  • Those who are unable to control their anger must meditate, it will definitely be beneficial.


It is never that these are the only methods of meditation. Apart from these, there are meditations on the sound of water, meditation on the chakras, etc. But I would not advise beginners to meditate on chakras as it should not be done without a guru, it can cause harm. For beginners, the methods and techniques of meditation that have been mentioned above are the most simple and useful. You can use any one of these methods and experience Satchidananda Paramatma.

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