Top 6 Sources of writing Trending Blog topics

trending blog topics

The best way to get visibility or traffic to your blog posts on the topics is being shared on social media platforms. One of the most important reasons why the trending topics get more traction is they are valuable to the reader. Therefore, such content should get more links and shares as well.
Displaying domain expertise has become a breeze when you start to follow posts and the latest stuff in the industry. By doing this, helps in getting more followers and subscribers. Today hacking industry trends have become an essential part of the content marketing industry.

Here is a list of the top 5 sources of writing trending blog topics:

  • Quora: The most renowned platform where you can ask questions about everything is “Quora”. Moreover, you can also connect with the people and get their unique insights about your queries. From dinosaurs to self-driving cars you can get a diverse range of topics on Quora. You can also follow the relevant topics on it. Once you do so, you get the most popular search in your news feed. You can also see the latest questions and their answers related to your industry.
  • Medium: Medium is an online publishing platform with approximately 60 million users. This platform consists of vast pieces of content from different industries. It is most popular among bloggers as it publishes only trending topics. You just need to check out the popular sources in the medium section. The section must contain all the posts that have the highest number of likes, comments, and shares. The Medium Platform contains a category search option. You can make use of this feature to find out the relevant posts related to your niche. All you just need to create a free account and log in to the medium content. Similar to Quora you can also follow the bloggers and choose the categories to see the latest updates that are been shared.
  • Feedly: For finding your blog posts, Feedly provides a great platform for finding relevant topics. Having more than 5 million users this platform is quite reliable for bloggers. Also, it lets to find popular blogs in your niche. You can also choose the specific category and search for all relevant blog posts publications. Subscribe the feed for free and get all the fresh and new content in your Feedly dashboard. Either from technology to food Feedly got everything. One can discover their insightful content like creative blogs, youtube channels, Tweets, etc. this has been classified into four different categories such as Trends, Industries, Skills, and fun.
  • Reddit: There are some communities which might be so popular but are valuable. Reddit is the one such community that helps in finding exciting content. It also helps you to ideate your next blog posts. This helps you to view the fresh content based topics as per their popularity. Besides it, you can also find tabs and the new looks to find trending topics. The platform Reddit is certainly worth researching for putting the content. The original content can tab on this platform and it can let you see the 100% original posts.
  • Pocket: The term Pocket helps in bringing out your favorite articles at your fingertips. It is an app that usually works under content marketers. Here you can save the most important articles and can easily access them whenever you want. In this platform, the content can be searched on different categories like finance, health, travel, reads, etc. The people can also view the contents which have been saved by the users in their pocket option. Moreover, you can access this app on desktop and mobile devices as well.
  • Social Mention: The Social Mention tool provides to write catchy headlines ideas. All you just need to type in your keywords, in the search bar and a list of real-time contents. Due to this way, you will be able to find blogs, videos, micro-blogs, etc. This tool lets you be more specific about your keywords. It also provides you the option to come with exact key phrases. Most of the content on this platform is recent.