Ecommerce And Various Types Of Ecommerce


Ecommerce sites are one of the most growing segments in terms of business and work in current time as each and every individual is taking their business on these platforms for better growth and better work as the number of buyers and opportunity available on these platforms. One is not able to seek the same opportunity in the offline market and that is the core reason why people both buyer and seller are switching their interest and work on these platforms.

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Various Types of Ecommerce:-

Ecommerce is quite a diversified platform and it is not as basic as it seems to be so for a person to get into it and get better opportunities out of it. A person needs to understand various types of Ecommerce and which are as follows:-

Business to Business (B2B):-

Ecommerce platform is quite similar to offline market and same is the market place system for this. The only difference is that they do not have a showroom and rather have an online portal or website. Now, further there are ecommerce websites which do not like selling to the single buyer on loose qty and rather believe in dealing with buyers who are in the same profession and who can buy the bulk qty order. These sites mostly emphasize the wholesale segment, and inter business sales of the products. Sites such as , are good examples of business to business e-commerce portals.

Business to Consumer(B2C):-

Online platform which emphasizes the selling of finished products or raw products directly to the consumer comes under the category of business to consumer (B2C) type of ecommerce portal. These portals usually focus on the needs and requirements of the consumers and work in the retail segment where a particular product is provided to the consumer through online sales as per their needs and requirements.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C):-

This platform is a platform where a consumer is buying a product from another consumer. In this type of ecommerce platform a third party portal is used. This type of module is basically used in ecommerce platforms which focuses on sharing of the products and selling of used or preowned products.

Consumer to Business (C2B):-

In this type of portal goods are sold from consumers to business enterprises for selling. In this consumers generally create a value for the product. For eg:- Review by a consumer on any business product is a value added thing and some of the business houses pay for such reviews to famous bloggers and influencers and that is known as the consumer to business module of e-commerce platform.

Therefore, these four modules are an important segment of ecommerce and one needs to understand them wisely for running a good ecommerce platform and also this is very important on a consumer part to understand their idea of ecommerce.